By thinkon

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ThinkOn Disaster Recovery (DRaaS) with Zerto thwarts any “data disaster doomsday” by minimizing downtime and data loss with recovery speeds faster than The Flash.

This isn’t a summer blockbuster movie plot—it’s your business on the line

Downtime costs hurt more than your financials. Downtime can cost you brand reputation, employee productivity and satisfaction, and customer trust.

Your business relies on digital technologies. With all that data moving around, a disaster recovery strategy is critical. This is especially true during times of economic uncertainty when every happy customer counts, and when you operate inside a rapidly evolving cyber threat landscape where every bad actor is trying a different tactic.

A reliable disaster recovery solution helps organizations avoid catastrophic data loss. With a proper data backup and recovery strategy in place, you can be certain that your data is not only safe from an outage or cyber threat, but also protected inside a secure data supply chain.

Able to leap downtime in a single bound

When it comes to business continuity—if the villain is a cyberattack, natural disaster, or the dreaded human error—your hero is fast, point-in-time recovery.

With ThinkOn DRaaS with Zerto, applications can be back up and running within minutes, with no interruption to your business. When you’re ready, fail your services back onsite in only minutes and with ease.

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