Public cloud feeling too crowded? Too risky?

Take back your privacy with ThinkOn Private Cloud for your critical workloads. High security. Great control. No noisy neighbors.


A gated community for your infrastructure

Your organization needs cloud flexibility, agility, and economy, but public cloud feels a bit too crowded. You need your own space. With ThinkOn, enjoy a turnkey single-tenant ecosystem—a dedicated powerhouse with the flexibility of the cloud—and deploy it all within ThinkOn’s data centers.

Our Private Cloud is built on VMware

VMware makes moving between on-premises, private cloud, and hyperscale cloud providers simple.


Private Cloud

Choose the cloud home of your dreams

Limitless infrastructure, the ability to accommodate real-time workload, and access to cloud locations across Canada, the U.S., The Bahamas, Australia, and the U.K.


No noisy neighbors or transient workloads

It’s a Private Cloud, dedicated to you and you alone.

No fears, no tears billing

We keep billing simple—no ingress, egress, or hidden fees.


The freedom to transition to hybrid

Go hybrid and maximize your existing IT investment.


Private Cloud services are deployed in units that are the same size as Dedicated Compute units. The number of compute nodes deployed should be equal to n+1 of the predicted workload.


Compute units are allocated to the private cloud environment at the time of purchase. These resources are available for deployment in virtual servers in any ratio the subscriber desires. For example, a virtual data center may have ten compute units allocated to it, for a total of 10 GHz of processing and 20 GB of RAM. The subscriber could build one virtual server with a 6 GHz processor and 10 GB of RAM, and two additional virtual servers, each with 2 GHz processors and 5 GB of RAM. There is no limitation on how the underlying resources can be allocated, and cloud enablement fees only apply to resources allocated or consumed through each billing period.

Hypervisor & operating system

Cloud compute units are provisioned and managed with VMware hypervisor technology. Templates for common OS images are available, including Microsoft Windows, Red Hat Linux, CentOS Linux, and Ubuntu Linux. Some of these templates are provided free of charge, while others carry a monthly licensing fee. Subscribers can use their own image templates; however, due to Microsoft licensing restrictions, subscribers must still pay the licensing fee for Windows Operating Systems.

Hot add

The infrastructure supports hot-adding resources, such as RAM and CPU, but the guest VM's operating system must support this capability in order to recognize the added resources without a reboot.

Secure subscriber portal

The subscriber has two levels of access to the private cloud. The first is through the vCloud portal, which is accessible from a standard web browser. The second is through Compass, our hypervisor-independent web portal. Compass provides subscribers a way to request new resources for their virtual data centers (VDCs).

Resource adjustments

Subscribers can use the vCloud portal to allocate or change resources at any time. They can request additional compute or storage resources via ThinkOn’s self-service portal, or by contacting technical support. If they need to determine whether a resource adjustment is constrained by the terms of their contract, they may need to contact a Sales Representative. Resource adjustments made during a billing period will be billed in incremental fees for the resources reserved, in arrears at the end of the current billing cycle.

Virtual machine templates

We provide several virtual machine templates in our image library to help subscribers create and deploy resources. Subscribers can also create and maintain their own private image library or deploy third party vendor images; however, we recommend verifying compatibility prior to deployment. ThinkOn encourages subscribers who have physical devices that cannot be virtualized to use our Edge Connect service for direct network integration between their virtual resources and physical devices.


Which service is right for you?

Private Cloud is well-suited for any enterprise that needs a private cloud environment with the ability to control cloud infrastructure while maintaining compliance and security requirements.

What version of VMware vSphere do ThinkOn environments support?

vSphere 7.0

What is the minimum commitment for this service?

The minimum commitment is 80 GB of virtual RAM and 1 TB of data storage.

Where does my data reside?

ThinkOn has workload-supporting data centers located across Canada, the U.S., The Bahamas, Australia, and the U.K. We have several types of virtual data center storage available, ranging from SSD/flash (Tier 0), and write optimized archive HDD (Tier II). With ThinkOn, you can choose where your data will reside—if you wish to keep your data in a certain location only, we can do that for you. You can also choose to cross-replicate for disaster recovery.

What makes ThinkOn’s Private Data Center unique?

We give you complete control. 

The data center infrastructure and the bare metal are handed over to you with iLO level access. ThinkOn’s Private Data Center supports multiple operating systems and allows you to deploy Virtual Machines any way you want to on your existing VMware equipment and with your existing licensing. You also have the option to bring your hypervisor, OS, and application licenses to run on the private infrastructure.

How do I get started?

    1. Reach out to
    2. The ThinkOn Sales and Solutions teams will do the due diligence and work on a solution with the subscriber to meet their requirements.
    3. Sign off on the design
    4. Provisioning
    5. Relax. Enjoy. Go grab a coffee.