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Public cloud feeling too crowded and risky for your organization?

Organizations need enterprise technology infrastructure solutions that can accommodate fluctuations in traffic and allow for customizable and scalable storage and compute resource configurations. A hybrid cloud model provides an environment to optimize data storage solutions in a secure and fully scalable model unique to the needs to your business as they arise in real-time. Reap the benefits of speed from a dedicated server and the flexibility of the cloud with the option of integrating your existing IT resources.

ThinkOn delivers the cloud of your dreams

In shared accommodation, sometimes you run out of hot water or you have loud or nosy neighbours, much like public clouds where you compete for resources with other unknown—often inconvenient— tenants. With ThinkOn’s Private Cloud, you benefit from dedicated resources and never need to worry about who’s sharing your space.

A familiar floorplan

ThinkOn Private Cloud is built on VMware—which most organizations use on-premises. We based our cloud back-end on VMware vSphere and front-end on VMware Cloud Director, so familiar functionality and features are all part of the package. This means resources can carry their skillsets from data centre to cloud and feel comfortable managing your environment—no outsourcing or re-training required.

Keeping up with the Joneses

With 82% of organizations already employing a hybrid cloud model, ThinkOn’s Private Cloud really is the future, enabling you to customize compute, network and storage resources and scale on demand. It’s an effective way to build, store, and manage data within a dedicated infrastructure while retaining the benefits of cloud economies—providing a more reliable and long-term solution than a predetermined public infrastructure.

No fears, no tears billing

We like to keep billing simple, granular, and fear-free. Sign up for ThinkOn Private Cloud, and we tell you the cost upfront. When your bill comes, that’s the number you’ll see. No fine print, no escalating cloud allocation usage charges, no hidden fees—absolutely no sticker shock when you open your invoice.

The easiest move you’ll make—no packing required

Relying on VMware in-house? With Private Cloud built on VMware, moving between on-premises, private cloud, and hyperscale cloud providers is simple—no application transformation needed.

Location, location, location

Pick where your infrastructure resides—with access to data centre locations across Canada, the US, The Bahamas, Australia, and the UK—and cross-replicate for disaster recovery.

A gated community for your infrastructure

Get a turn-key physical infrastructure solution—a dedicated powerhouse with the flexibility of the cloud. Take advantage of ThinkOn’s data centres or deploy within your facility.

Build your private cloud with ThinkOn

Be ready for the future with limitless infrastructure, a simplified and secured environment, and the ability to accommodate real-time workloads.

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Become Cloud Smart with VMware on ThinkOn Cloud

ThinkOn’s private cloud infrastructure is configured so your private network communicates directly with the multi-tenant cloud. Rather than allowing your traffic to flow through the internet, ThinkOn can set you up so your multi-tenant cloud is in the same cloud data centre as your private cloud. What does that mean for you? Better performance, reduced latency, and an overall better control of your environment.

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