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Dedicated powerhouse with the flexibility of the cloud

Organizations need enterprise technology infrastructure solutions that can accommodate fluctuations in traffic and allow for customizable and scalable storage and compute resource configurations. A hybrid cloud model provides an environment to optimize data storage solutions in a secure and fully scalable model unique to the needs to your business as they arise in real-time. Reap the benefits of speed from a dedicated server and the flexibility of the cloud with the option of integrating your existing IT resources.

No two clouds are created equal

Every hybrid cloud model is uniquely created to fit business needs and evolve alongside your organizational growth. Your unique solution is waiting for you at ThinkOn.

Governance and Regulatory Requirements

ThinkOn offers complete data sovereignty and residency, meaning not only you have full control of the data, but you can exercise the privilege of requesting data to reside in a particular geography where we operate.

High Availability and Disaster Recovery

A private data centre houses your most critical business data, but what happens if it fails? A cloud recovery environment that is ready to call up whenever necessary ensures that applications continue to run without any noticeable disruption to users.

Cloud Testing Environments

Set up and take down sandbox testing environments without a high capital expenditure and reduce data outages from utilizing the services of data centres.

Managing Spikes in Traffic

Hybrid solutions provide respite for businesses that encounter spikes in web traffic. ThinkOn Cloud can support those spikes, so you can rest assured that your customers are able to reach your product and services.

Build your private/hybrid cloud with ThinkOn

Optimize your IT investment with a modern data centre that is designed for your unique business needs with the expertise of the engineers at ThinkOn.

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Designed for you, created by ThinkOn, powered by VMware

ThinkOn has come a long way since being crowned the first Canadian-owned VMware Cloud Certified Partner in Canada. Today, we continue to be committed to mastering VMware solutions competencies in cloud and delivering this promise to all customers through our channel. 

ThinkOn is Always On

Whether it is data replication across multiple data centres, our unique scale-out approach, or our 99.99% availability, we pride ourselves on being there when you need us.

Data Sovereignty

Born Canadian but growing globally, ThinkOn has 22 operating environments across Canada, USA, UK, and Caribbean that comply to security, governance, and regulatory standards of the particular location in which it resides. This sovereignty further extends to give you greater control of where your data resides.

Cloud Solutions Powered by VMware Technology

VMware is a globally leading name in cloud computing and virtualization software. As a preferred global VMware Cloud service provider with Principal Cloud Partner status, you will experience seamless cloud migration and security of critical workloads with VMware on ThinkOn. Our expertise trickles down to our resellers, so you receive best in class knowledge and expertise.

Add Full Workload Mobility

If you are already running VMware in-house, you can maintain that same VMware functionality with ThinkOn. This not only provides you with the easiest migration path to the cloud, but also allows you to move your virtual machines back and forth between your on-premises and ThinkOn data centres.

Become Cloud Smart with VMware on ThinkOn Cloud

ThinkOn’s private cloud infrastructure is configured so your private network communicates directly with the multi-tenant cloud. Rather than allowing your traffic to flow through the internet, ThinkOn can set you up so your multi-tenant cloud is in the same cloud data centre as your private cloud. What does that mean for you? Better performance, reduced latency, and an overall better control of your environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get started with ThinkOn Cloud

Whether you know exactly what you are looking for or don’t know where to begin, our experts are available to provide the information and guidance you need to begin designing and constructing the cloud solution that best fits the needs of your business. 

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