Our values make ThinkOn a great place to be!

At ThinkOn, we believe in the power of people, not a bunch of meaningless corporate buzz words.

Values aren’t easy—they’re not supposed to be.

That’s why our core values are designed to challenge you—to push you out of your comfort zone and help you find the best in yourself and others. We developed these interconnected guiding principles with the belief that every single one of our Thinkers has the potential to meet every challenge and achieve the incredible.

Trust the team

Great corporate culture is built on trust, which is why our first value, and the one that informs all the others, is trust the team. In every interaction—whether it’s with a subordinate, peer, or manager—trust your coworkers to do what they need to do. No second-guessing everyone else on the team!

Accept a challenge,
follow your instincts

Every situation brings the opportunity for new challenges, so our second value is accept a challenge and follow your instincts. When you’re facing a challenge, own it, and then trust yourself to rise up to meet whatever comes at you. You have great instincts, so listen to them. Do the work, make the best decision you can with the data you have, and ask for help when you need to. You’ve got this!

Be humble,
always show gratitude

Our third value encompasses a pair of quintessentially Canadian traits: be humble, always show gratitude. Humility is about staying open-minded, open to suggestions, and not driven by ego—after all, everyone puts their pants on the same way. And in a world where people can be so quick to complain, it’s amazing what a difference it can make when you show a little gratitude for a great job or a helping hand!

Own the opportunity and

Not one of us is perfect. But when mistakes happen, it’s what happens next that matters most. Our fourth value is own the problem and overcommunicate. When you make a mistake, own it, address it, find a solution, and move forward. And at every step along the way—communicate. Make that phone call, have that meeting—because the faster a problem is owned and communicated, the faster we’re all on the way to a solution.

Seek improvement everyday

Our Thinkers have the most incredibly diverse skills. Our fifth value celebrates their commitment to always keep improving. We encourage our teams to seek improvement everyday—to take responsibility for nurturing individual experience, talent, and capability. That curiosity—that desire to say “yes”—is incredibly powerful. At ThinkOn, we encourage your desire to learn and grow!

Why so serious?

Our sixth value reminds us of the importance of flow—of balance. Our customer workloads are incredibly important to us, but it’s also true that when you become too serious—too rigid—you create more problems than you solve. So, here at ThinkOn, we appreciate a laugh, and we like to have some fun. Because at the end of the day, we’re going to work hard, but we’re going to have fun doing it. Seriously.

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