The first Canadian VMware Sovereign Cloud partner

We take Canadian cloud and data security standards very seriously.

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Familiar VMware infrastructure makes Cloud Smart initiatives easier

ThinkOn provides VMware-backed Sovereign Cloud enabling the delivery of high-security information management solutions to the Canadian federal government.

What the VMware Sovereign Cloud designation means for you—and your data

The VMware Sovereign Cloud initiative helps customers engage with trusted national cloud service providers (CSPs) to meet geo-specific requirements around data sovereignty and jurisdictional control, access and integrity, security and compliance, independence and mobility, analytics, and innovation.

ThinkOn has been selected as part of a small group of in-country leaders worldwide to be part of the VMware Sovereign Cloud initiative—a distinction reserved for companies that can address sovereignty requirements encompassing everything from where data resides to how it is stored, serviced, and shared.

We are Pro-B certified and the only CSP capable of offering data sovereignty to the Government of Canada. Outside of public-sector deployments, it’s well known that enterprises must comply with important data-oriented legislation including Canada’s Digital Privacy Act.

With ThinkOn, no matter your industry or vertical—whether private or public—you can run your sensitive and regulated workloads on a secure, compliant, Canadian cloud that meets national data residency and data sovereignty requirements.

” The sovereign cloud is a vital need for the digital economy and protection of data. The VMware Sovereign Cloud initiative recognizes VMware Cloud Providers that deliver cloud services on sovereign digital infrastructure and helps to connect organizations with highly sensitive data to these providers. ThinkOn has repeatedly demonstrated leadership in Canadian cloud security standards when it comes to data sovereignty, integrity, compliance, and mobility, and we are delighted the organization is an initial member of the VMware Sovereign Cloud initiative. “

— Claude Reeves, Vice President and Country Manager, VMware Canada