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You’re in the driver’s seat

Your organization requires isolation, high security, and reliability for a range of resource-intensive workloads. You want complete control of your compute, data processing and storage needs, without the headache and expense of server ownership.

The parts you need to supercharge your infrastructure

Unanticipated spikes in activity or sudden high output bandwidth requirements? Shift into high gear with plug-and-play dedicated resources to meet your business’s fluctuating needs.

ThinkOn provides the high-performance configurations you need to make the most of your IT investments:

  • High-density compute (minimum of twelve processor cores, and 192 GB RAM to a single subscriber, up to 40 cores per bare metal instance) with blades available in 256 GB, 384 GB, 512 GB, and 768 GB RAM models
  • Low-density compute (at least eight processor cores and 96 GB RAM to a single subscriber)
  • Bare metal with GPUs
  • Bare metal with Optane memory
  • Bare metal with local storage (T0, T1, T2)
Dedicated Bare Metal

Shift into the cloud

ThinkOn’s next-generation physical servers can take your existing infrastructure to the next level and optimize application performance where dedicated high compute, storage, and bandwidth are required.
Build a modern and sophisticated hybrid data center that is flexible, scalable, and fully compliant, while assuring low overhead costs and capital expenditures.

Pick where you park your data

Whether commercial or public sector, choose to locate your data and operations within any one of our global sites for hassle-free regulation and compliance. ThinkOn has data centre locations across Canada, the US, The Bahamas, Australia, and the UK.

Bring your licenses with you

Optimize your existing software license investments with seamless integration and portability to ThinkOn’s Bare Metal Cloud. ThinkOn offers true license mobility, so you don’t need to worry about managing multiple licenses or upfront costs associated with scaling or migrations.

Choose to deploy any hypervisor or OS you want

If you choose VMware, leverage our Principal Partner recognition and expertise under VMware’s cloud provider path for frictionless bi-directional workload migration.

Not just parts — service too

ThinkOn bare metal solutions come with expert support. You get access to dedicated specialists ready to help you move existing workloads or build something new from scratch.

No sticker shock when you open your invoice

We tell you the cost upfront. When your bill comes, that’s the number you’ll see: no fine print, no data ingress or egress limits, no hidden fees.

Put your cloud pedal to the metal

Don’t let high upfront costs hinder your race to the cloud. Rent fully dedicated, reliable pools of high-performance compute.

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The features you want, built-in

With ThinkOn Dedicated Bare Metal Servers, you benefit from:

Complete control and visibility

Highly secure and available infrastructure

State-of-the-art data centers & Data residency options

License Mobility

No noisy or nosy neighbors

Optimal pricing & Flexible consumption models

Unmatched performance & Ease of scale and increased agility

Access to local or Fibre Channel based dedicated storage

Get started with the newest generation servers

If you are looking for unmatched performance and flexible consumption models, ThinkOn will help you navigate what suits your needs best. 

ThinkOn services always include real-human support you get access to dedicated experts that are ready to help you move existing workloads or build something new from scratch. Just pay a monthly fee for the hardware, and we take care of the rest.

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