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A storage solution born to handle big data

Digital transformation can’t happen without data storage transformation. Growing data stores are filled with untapped business insight. But inefficiencies caused by siloed data, disparate and legacy solutions, and high storage costs can outweigh the value.

Modern enterprises need heavyweight capacity that performs with speed and agility to deliver intelligent and dynamic data services. Object Storage can give you massive gains with no up-front capital investment or performance compromises.

Compatible with all major backup software, ThinkOn’s Object Storage backup and recovery capabilities allow you to easily manage data and workloads across on-premises, hybrid, and public cloud environments with ease. At the same time, compression and de-duplication maximize your storage cost-efficiency.

Enable an extra layer of data security by choosing to activate the Object Lock feature.

Object Lock allows you to store objects using the write-once-read-many (WORM) standard, gives you the flexibility to apply retention settings on individual objects in addition to default retention settings for all objects, and ensures your data is ransomware tamper and deletion proof.

ThinkOn Object Storage packs a 1-2 punch

ThinkOn Object Storage is smart and powerful while giving you the adaptability and exceptional customer service only a smaller company can provide.

Ensure continuous data integrity checking, prevent data loss and corruption, apply policy-based data governance, utilize encryption where required and enforce compliance requirements—all through the REST API.

Aim high with sky’s-the-limit storage capability

Scale without worrying about volume limitations. Consume and store unlimited data in a system that grows alongside your data, adding capacity when required—without disruption.

The best defense is great security

Our Object Storage solution provides multiple layers of security. Encrypt data in flight and at rest seamlessly and benefit from the Object Lock add-on.

Big data doesn’t mean big storage costs

No sucker punches. We tell you the cost upfront. When your bill comes, that’s the number you’ll see: no fine print and no hidden fees.

Turn capacity headaches into business value with ThinkOn Object Storage

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