Goodbye capacity challenges—hello opportunity

With Standard Object Storage, you get the flexibility you want and the scale you need to turn your unstructured data into business insights.


Is your data trying to tell you something?

Digital transformation can’t happen without data storage transformation. Escalating data stores are filled with buried treasure. But inefficiencies caused by siloed data, disparate and legacy solutions, and high storage costs can make it prohibitively hard to maximize this valuable data.

Massive gains with no compromises

Get heavyweight capacity that performs with speed and agility to deliver dynamic data services.


Object Storage

ThinkOn Standard Object Storage packs a 1-2 punch

Flexibility of deployment and ease of scale for capacity and performance allow ThinkOn Standard Object Storage to keep you at the top of your game.

Sky’s-the-limit storage capability

Scale without worrying about volume limitations.


A solid defensive position

Ensure continuous data integrity and compliance.

Big data without big storage costs

No sucker punch in your bill. No fine print or hidden fees.

Data immutability

Whoever said change is good wasn’t talking about stored data. Data immutability ensures your critical business data won’t be destroyed, deleted, or altered—and it always remains compliant. Immutable data backups protect data assets from malicious attacks and ransomware, preventing data loss and allowing for quick recovery.

Simple and uncomplicated

We recognize the significant value that Standard Object Storage may give your company when consistency and dependability are critical.

ThinkOn Standard Object Storage gives you:

  • An all-inclusive pricing structure that makes it simple to estimate and budget for future Object Storage needs
  • Unlimited bandwidth and operating fees that are included in the per-GB storage price
  • The availability of support staff, including experts in data protection, 24×7×365
  • Offloaded backups that are self-sufficient, allowing for importation even if the on-premises backup server and all of its settings and database are erased

A single platform for backup and archiving

Archive and back up short- and long-term data using the Cloud Console with complete support for industry-leading data protection solutions that are S3 compatible.

ThinkOn Standard Object Storage enables you to:

  • Keep and manage database files such as transaction logs
  • Eliminate the requirement for legacy tape archiving solutions
  • Give your Cloud Standard Object Storage fast search and restore functionality
  • Reduce egress traffic. When performing restores, matched blocks are read from the nearest on-premises backup file rather than being pulled from object storage.

    Straightforward, effective design

    • Backups that have been offloaded to Standard Object Storage are easily accessible for production restores without the need for staging
    • Because offloaded backups are not reliant on any external catalog or metadata, even if the configuration and database of the on-premises backup server are totally lost, they can still be imported
    • There is no vendor lock-in with secondary storage appliances
    • Backup files are forever incrementally offloaded to Standard Object Storage, avoiding duplication of multiple full backups


    Can Standard Object Storage be used for data protection?

    Yes. Standard Object Storage is the ideal location to store offsite archival data for most major backup applications. It meets the highest security standards and is certified by Veeam, Commvault, NetBackup and many more.

    What is S3?

    S3 is a standard for accessing Standard Object Storage over the internet. It is an extremely durable platform, optimized for file storage and retrieval. Standard Object Storage is unlimited in size with no preset limits on access or capacity.

    Can Standard Object Storage help protect against ransomware and other malware?

    Yes. Features like immutable storage ensure that the data saved on Standard Object Storage cannot be changed or deleted.

    Is my data secure in an object storage?

    Yes. All data in transit and at rest is encrypted.

    Does ThinkOn Object Storage support the S3 protocol?

    Yes, ThinkOn Object Storage is fully compatible with the S3 published standard.

    What are the SLAs for ThinkOn Standard Object Storage?

    ThinkOn guarantees 99.99% availability. That means our service delivery is always-on, at 100% durability (with a minimum three copies on different nodes), with continuous retained data access at all times, and with Time to First Byte within 10 seconds.