Why ThinkOn?

A nimble team that is not just your service provider, but your data department.

Our perspective

Our team focusses on simplicity, innovation at speed, complete interoperability and feedback mechanisms that are critical for cloud adoption, deployment and meets all service level agreements.

You share your business use case with us, and we help you connect the predefined ThinkOn building blocks to build a  solution that will easily work with your existing IT systems.

What matters to us?
YOUR Experience.

While hyperscale providers account for more than half of the global infrastructure-as-a-service cloud market they are primarily focused on large enterprises and fixed compute and memory products. We thrive in a landscape where every customer’s needs, no matter their size, are given the highest priority. We work with you to create solutions that deliver exactly what your business wants to achieve.

“ThinkOn’s team of experts helped us through our backup and disaster recovery journey. Knowledgeable support is the number one reason I tell companies to consider ThinkOn.”

– Tariq Jamal, CIO, Umbra

“There is a real synergy between ThinkOn and us. That same effort and importance placed on ensuring that the customer gets the right solution at the right time. ThinkOn shares our customer-first mindset.”

– Paul Godfrey,
IT Business Consultant, Primenet

ThinkOn is where data thrives. We’ll empower you to do whatever you need to do with your data—making it more resilient, secure, actionable, and searchable.

Why ThinkOn?

Our Leadership

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Our Solutions

We only partner with the best

“It’s been very easy for us to work and collaborate with ThinkOn to develop the solution that we wanted to have built. ThinkOn is just like us. Both companies are client-focused—willing and able to build a solution that will deliver the ideal business outcome for the client. We’re both committed to building and nurturing lasting relationships with customers. And, for both companies, data security is at the root of everything that we create.”

– Daryl Stott, Vice President Digital Transformations, Nimble