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Lights, camera, partnership!

There aren’t any high-speed chases or meet cutes in this short video, but there will be an overview of ThinkOn’s partner program and its benefits. 

“We partnered with ThinkOn for cloud services because their security is top-notch, their support is exceptional, and their pricing is on point. Compass—their partner portal—helps us stay nimble and agile so we can meet clients’ needs quickly.”

- Glenn Kemp, Managing Director, Clear Concepts

Channel-only means

We stand out from other technology partners and hyperscale cloud providers, and not just because of our rugged good looks. We’re different because we only sell through our channel partners. We aren’t bossy—no telling you how to sell. When we make a commitment with a channel partner we stand by it, never squeezing margins or commandeering account control.

Your customers are yours and you retain control of their accounts. And as a reward, double digit margins—always. And, because we care about our partners, we’ll never let you fail (but we will help with failovers).

At ThinkOn, we are committed to making data thrive while keeping the cloud simple for our partners to understand. We cut through the noise, ambiguity, and complexities to deliver a broad range of trusted, scalable, innovative, simplistic, transparent, secure, and value-added data management services.  

Why Partner with ThinkOn

We bring simplicity and transparency to our partnerships.

We believe in fully supporting our partners so you can spend less time figuring out how to run your business and more time building your customer relationships.

Put ThinkOn to work for you:

  • Expand your service portfolio
  • Scale our services
  • Increase your gross margins
  • Augment your unique capabilities
  • Build stickier long-term customer relationships

Put your customers first

Our holistic partner experience provides the deepest levels of business support while allowing you to continue to fully own your customer relationships with the power of ThinkOn behind you to simplify, support, and customize based on your customer needs.

ThinkOn gives you the support you need to deliver customer solutions and build trust.

  • Scalable and flexible infrastructure (IaaS)
  • Data protection and backup (BaaS)
  • Business Continuity (DRaaS)
  • Object storage and data archiving
  • Managed software (SaaS) and colocation (CaaS)
  • Data analytics

Business value you can take to the bank

While other CSPs’ margins are shrinking or non-existent, our margins are double-digit. Incentive-based partner programs mean the CSP has more control over what they want partners to sell. We want you to sell whatever you want to whoever you want.

With ThinkOn, increase your gross margins AND own your customer relationships. That’s a win-win.

We won’t compete with you for your customers

While hyperscale vendors might feel more like vending machines, our holistic partner experience provides the deepest levels of business support while allowing you to continue to own your customer relationships.

You can even preserve your brand identity by white labelling ThinkOn solutions, so no one needs to see the wizard behind your curtain.

Find a partner

We can help you find the right partner for your needs. Let us know where vou are and what you’re looking for and we’ll connect you.

Partnership curious? 

This was just a teaser. Download our full Partner Program Playbook to learn everything you need to know about becoming a Partner.

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