Protect what matters most

In a universe of backup solutions, only one provides the kind of security and resiliency your high-value data needs. Veeam Hardened Repository backup offers immutability and fast, secure, reliable data recovery—no matter the data disaster.


Secure, simple, powerful

Developed with hardened security and compliance in mind, this premier solution for immutable, retention of high data/low RTO workloads provides secure, single-use credential access and immutability.

When only the best will do

Cybercrime? Data tampering? Accidental deletion? When you can’t risk your sensitive data, only Veeam Hardened Repository will do. 


Veeam Hardened

Trust your data to the people who do data best

ThinkOn is a proud Veeam Platinum Partner with a team of Veeam-certified experts, ready to provision and support Veeam Hardened Repository and the entire Veeam suite of industry leading backup and data protection solutions.

No matter whether you run an environment that is virtual or on-premises, have large or small workloads, or even varying thresholds for data recovery speed and acceptable data loss (RTO and RPO), we have the perfect Veeam solution for your data.


Protection from internal and external threat actors. Even with access to a Veeam server, bad actors can’t get past the hardened repository credentials because the server doesn’t store them.


Hardened design means that users and administrators cannot access, delete, or modify backups during the immutability period.


When disaster strikes, VHR is integrated right into your Veeam backup experience for fast rebuild of your original data center site.


Hardened security is integrated directly into the Veeam backup experience, and, with Veeam’s enterprise efficiency enhancements to VHR, you can back up your data according to the 3-2-1-1-0 rule—which includes offline, immutable backup and error-free recovery.

Flexible security, fast recovery

Capable of storing a wide variety of backup types, VHR stores data in a secure, isolated environment. In the event of a ransomware attack, you can quickly restore your systems and data, minimizing downtime and financial loss.

Data, data, everywhere

Veeam Hardened Repository is perfect for backing up those pesky pools of unstructured data sitting on NAS appliances. Plus, it can be combined with other immutable solutions like the Object Lock feature of our Standard Object Storage, or WORM (write once read many) tapes.

Your backup, your way

With Veeam Hardened Repository, simplicity and flexibility are all part of the package—users size the repositories to fit their data and pick the immutability period (beyond the minimum—see FAQ).


I have object storage already. Why do I need this?

Veeam Hardened Repository offers faster RTO—which means significantly faster backup performance, especially for larger datasets, ensuring you stay within your defined backup window. Plus, VHR provides a higher level of service because it’s integrated directly with the VCC experience, ensuring compliance with the recommended 3-2-1-1-0 backup strategy. And, if disaster strikes, Veeam backup with hardened repositories allows you to recover without having to rebuild your original data center site. With Object Storage, you’d have to rebuild the server, rescan, and rebuild the metadata information, which will lengthen your recovery.

We’ve heard that this runs on a Linux server? We’re running a Microsoft-only environment. How can we possibly provision or support this?

Easy! We handle it all for you. ThinkOn will provision a server that’s pre-loaded with a Linux distribution, and our team of Veeam-certified experts are available 24/7 to support the service.

How long does the immutability period last?

Veeam sets a minimum 7-day retention period for VHR. Once you set the immutability feature for the backup file, the content is safe, and the metadata cannot be modified or deleted—not even by Admins—until the Immutability Until Date that you set. For more about how immutability and block generation periods work, click here.