A disaster recovery superhero can save the day

ThinkOn Disaster Recovery with Zerto thwarts any “data disaster doomsday” by minimizing downtime and data loss.


Recovery speed that’s faster than The Flash

When it comes to business continuity, if the villain is a cyberattack, natural disaster, or the dreaded human error, your hero is fast, point-in-time recovery. Time to activate your quick recovery superpower—Disaster Recovery with Zerto…no capes or tights required.

Batman has Robin. DRaaS has BaaS.

Every superhero needs a sidekick. Some things are just better together. Aquaman + Aquagirl, Flash + Kid Flash, Captain America + Bucky…BaaS + DRaaS. Leverage this power combo to create a continuity plan that fits your business—learn why you should consider both.

Able to leap downtime in a single bound

Get true IT resilience with the first—and only—hypervisor-based replication technology.


Disaster Recovery
with Zerto

It’s like X-Ray vision for your data

Capture and track modifications to your data with speed and precision using journal-based recovery, no matter where your physical server or storage is located.

Build automatic failover plans

Work with our architects to ensure business continuity.

Experience near-synchronous replication

Short, always-on RTOs and RPOs that are only minutes out.

Replicate any Hyper-V

Zerto replicates any environment to our cloud.

Test failover

In this scenario, production replication continues while the failover process uses a temporary workspace. This allows the subscriber to validate it without impacting production. To prevent IP address conflicts, all validation must be done on a test server or workstation that is segregated from both the production environment and the original replication target.

Full failover

In this scenario, a real incident has affected the availability of the primary production facility. This failover process migrates all workload and network connectivity to the secondary recovery environment.


Can I ensure my cloud data resides in the country and location of my choice?

Yes. ThinkOn has data centers located across Canada, the U.S., The Bahamas, Australia, and the U.K. A customer’s cloud replication site remains in the specific location they request and contract to, meaning subscribers can be assured of data residency and the best latency and connectivity.

What is a journal?

A journal is essentially every single data change that takes place during a customer-specified period of time. In the Zerto world, a journal can be as long as 30 days, or as short as an hour. Journal files are created and written to constantly, with no performance impact to the production workload. The journals are stored at the DR location.

I can’t have downtime for testing. Will Zerto need to reboot my vCenter or put my hosts into maintenance mode?

No and no. Zerto installs seamlessly into the environment. All you have to do is point it at a vCenter, enable the Zerto plugin in your vSphere Client, and then deploy one or more of our Virtual Replication Appliances right from the Zerto GUI. You can even skip the vSphere Client or Web Client and view your Zerto solution from your browser. You can test failover of mission-critical applications to the cloud, perform dry migration runs, or validate recoverability—all without disrupting production or compromising protection.

How many VMs/VPGs can one ZVM and VCenter pair support?

10,000 VMs/VPGs are supported per Zerto Virtual Manager and vCenter pair.

Do you offer free disaster recovery testing?

Yes, for up to 48 hours.

How do I resell this awesome service?

Just get in touch with our sales team at sales@thinkon.com. They will assist you with your requirements and prepare a Master Services Agreement and Credit Application to get you started.

You can test failover of mission-critical applications to the cloud, perform dry migration runs, or validate recoverability—all without disrupting production or compromising protection.

Who holds the cards?

You do. Control over replication policies is retained by the subscriber so you can build the right solution for your mission-critical applications.