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Your best-case scenario when disaster strikes

Modern businesses cannot afford to experience a ‘digital doomsday’. Whatever the cause – cyber attack, human error, or natural disaster – data loss and downtimes can result in detrimental outcomes, especially for organizations utilizing daily backups or snapshot-based replication. 

With ThinkOn’s Disaster Recovery powered by Zerto’s award winning technology, businesses can minimize downtimes and significantly minimize data loss with continuous data protection and near-synchronous replication on the hypervisor layer.

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Just 1-hour of downtime can cost $100,000 to a business. Can you really afford not to be prepared?

The saying ‘better safe than sorry’ is integral to planning for business continuity when disaster strikes. A plan to protect your business does not need to be complicated with ThinkOn. Here’s why:

Eliminate Hardware Investments

Zerto and ThinkOn eliminate the need to build, maintain and grow a second site on your own.

Deploy in Days

Use the cloud to build and fine tune your disaster recovery site with agility and responsiveness without needing to be onsite.

Array Agnostic

Zerto replicates any environment to the ThinkOn cloud regardless if you use VMware or any other Hyper-V.

Multi-site Capabilities

If portions of your data are more critical than others, deploy replication copies across multiple storage facilities.

Every Second Counts

Disruptions do not have to lead to a ‘digital doomsday’ for your organization. Point-in-time recovery in just seconds could make the biggest difference in your business continuity after a disaster.

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Continuous data protection is the future of backup

Continuous Data Protection (CDP) utilizes change-block tracking at the hypervisor layer to consistently capture, track, and replicate data modifications. Because CDP only replicates new or changed information rather than copying entire snapshots of replica VMs, there is virtually no impact to the performance of the affected VM.

What does this mean for you?

  • Utilizing journal-based technology to log all modifications within a specified time frame, hypervisor-based CDP gives you point-in-time recovery in just seconds for the entire length of the journal.
  • Always-on replication enables lower RPOs than snapshot-based solutions, resulting in considerably less data loss and ultimately, a smaller impact to business continuity in the event of a disaster.
  • Flexibility and scalability of journal to the datastore, including assigned capacity warnings and limits so as to not fill the datastore and break replication and recovery.

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