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Who we are

ThinkOn is a cloud service provider headquartered in Toronto, Canada, with a global data center footprint and customers all over the world. We’re not a hyperscale cloud provider—and we’re proud of it. We are a smaller CSP driven by big passion and a clear vision: to enable our resellers and subscribers to design, deploy, and operate enterprise-grade applications in the cloud without financial or operational limitations. Fear-free billing is a cornerstone of our business model. We don’t do escalating cloud charges or hidden fees because transparency builds trust.

Our Core Values

At ThinkOn, our core values are an integral part of who we are—as a company, and as individuals. These guiding principles formed the foundation of our humble beginnings and continue to support our growing team. 

Transparency & Trust

ThinkOn’s corporate culture is built on transparency and trust. We hire creative, curious, and committed people with a deep knowledge of their discipline and a desire to learn and grow. Then we trust them to do their thing. It’s our first corporate value—trust the team.

Encouraging Team

We encourage team members to accept a challenge, follow their instincts, be humble and show gratitude, own any problems, over-communicate, and seek improvement every day. And while we take our services and solutions very seriously, we don’t take ourselves very seriously.

Positive & Supportive

Trust in our team creates a positive and supportive work environment where people feel encouraged to use their voices, share ideas and concerns, take calculated risks, and get things done…and having a flexible vacation policy also helps.

It is thrilling to be a part of a rapidly growing and proudly Canadian company! I am grateful for the opportunities I’ve had to lead various parts of the business and truly have an impact!”

—Boris Fucic, Director of Project Delivery and Business Transformation

I truly feel that I’ve found my home away from home with ThinkOn. All the ThinkOn values resonate with me, and I feel honored to be able to contribute as a Thinker to this ever-expanding group of amazing people and partners. Outside of work I enjoy going for bike rides, practicing yoga, reading, and most of all, spending time with my little boy. Our company is rooted in the values of taking ownership, remaining humble, seeking improvement, trusting the team, accepting a challenge, and having fun while doing it!”

—Emma Shepherd, Jr. Accountant

I take pride in being both a Thinker and a Veeam Vanguard. My knowledge helps me with my daily role. It also helps promote ThinkOn to the wider community and enables discussion with other MSPs that are part of the Veeam Vanguard program.

—Chris Childerhose, Lead Infrastructure Architect, Veeam Vanguard/Legend 

I was lucky enough to be employee #11. Now with over 170 employees across multiple geographies there are always problems we are solving both internally and externally that keep me growing and learning. At the end of the day, what keeps us motivated is seeing our partners and customers happy with our service.”

—Douglas Henderson, Director of Partner Success

My favorite part of being a Thinker is that ThinkOn helps me to pursue my goals while giving me the flexibility to be a mindful mom. Throughout the years, I have always been recognized and appreciated for my work. I am thankful for a team that encourages me to strive for the best every day.”

—Janani Venugopal, Sales Operations Specialist

“As an employee at ThinkOn, I am proud to be a part of a company that is revolutionizing the cloud industry. ThinkOn’s cloud solutions are unparalleled in terms of speed, reliability, and security.  At ThinkOn, we understand that our success is directly linked to our clients’ success, and we strive to deliver nothing but the best cloud solutions to help them accelerate their digital transformation. It’s exciting to be a part of such an innovative team that’s continuously driving the industry forward”

—Jeremy Haynes, Lead Solutions Architect

“I relish the challenge of my job, helping to build and manage strong, compliant, and secure IT structures that make data thrive so our organization can grow. I thoroughly enjoy working and learning alongside my team and inspiring young, capable IT and security talent to take ownership and reach beyond their comfort zones.

—John Slater, Chief Security Officer

“ThinkOn has made my transition from sports to corporate industry fulfilling! As a Thinker, I am part of an incredible team. When I am not working, I enjoy going for runs or exploring new food spots in my area. At ThinkOn, I am challenged to give my best every day and to collaborate with amazing partners.

—Stephanie Ayres, Inside Sales Associate

“I thoroughly enjoy my journey as a Thinker. My position has evolved from when I was first hired. I get the opportunity to work on new solutions, and I’m able to work with a great group of people. My day is never the same as I get to interact and help my customers differently every day (externally and internally). Working at ThinkOn was the best move I’ve made. I enjoy the interaction and camaraderie with my fellow Thinkers.” 

—Michele Fronheiser, Senior Solutions Engineer 

“ThinkOn made the most challenging decision of my life, moving to a foreign country and establishing a career there, both easy and successful. In a short time, I have been presented with multiple opportunities where I got to prove my worth and was entrusted with crucial projects.  I am proud to work at a place where I feel like a valued family member. We learn, grow and celebrate even our smallest accomplishments daily. Because, at the end of the day, we believe in living by our values. #whysoserious.”

—Rishabh Srivastav, Junior Project Manager 

“Being a Thinker empowers me to learn new things every day and strive for success! ThinkOn has been instrumental in providing me with opportunities to learn about the business and how to create value for each of our partners and their subscribers. With the phenomenal growth and investments I have witnessed at ThinkOn, I am excited about the future.”

—Rohan John, Inside Sales Manager 

“We call our people “Thinkers” because what we do is not just cut and paste. We all need to consider how our actions will enable our partners and end subscribers to achieve successful outcomes. One size doesn’t fit all, and we embrace that quite literally to ensure we deliver the best to our stakeholders and the broader channel. It’s a huge pleasure for me to collaborate with such a diverse, creative, and smart group of people here at ThinkOn every day.”

—Sarah Finney, Director of Marketing 

“I aim to establish a proactive infrastructure that ensures ThinkOn delivers the highest level of service—from day zero, through onboarding, to the end of the solution life cycle and then through renewal. Because growing a business is about creating and repeating the best customer experience possible. ThinkOn is a leading, innovative cloud services company with vast growth potential that fills an industry niche and need—providing customized data security solutions that fit the customer without violating their privacy.”

—Souheil Khany, Vice President, Operations 

“Deciding to join the team and becoming an official Thinker was one of the best decisions I made in my career path. My aim and goal as a Thinker is to ensure that all the Compliance Requirements are adhered to and that our customers are satisfied. Cybersecurity is a top concern in the industry and we’re working hard every day to ensure a safe and secure digital environment for your company.”

—Sree Parvathi V Gopinath, IT Compliance Analyst 

Being a Thinker is like going on an exciting adventure every day. It’s all about curiosity, creativity, and connecting with awesome minds. I love that I get to dream big, solve unique problems, and hopefully inspire others to embark on their own intellectual journeys.

—Alex Moskal, Engineer, Managed Services Solutions

“The best part about working at ThinkOn are the learning opportunities I get. I have never had a day here that was dull because every day there is a new thing to learn. I love the people that I work with, I am grateful to work with a group of people who are all very supportive, inspiring, and encouraging.

—Nilesh Chawla, Sales Enablement Specialist

One thing I stress about Human Resources is that we are not just about hiring and firing; it’s about inspiring and empowering individuals to reach their full potential and creating an environment where everyone can thrive. I’m never afraid to ask questions! Everyone at ThinkOn is happy to jump in and help when they can. 

—Meg Mitchell, HR Specialist

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