Diversity & Belonging Policy

Last Updated: April 20th, 2021

Our Diversity and Inclusion policy is to ensure that ThinkOn’s workforce reflects the diversity that exists in the community from which we recruit and employ team members. By implementing and actively managing diversity and belonging at ThinkOn, we are proactively ensuring that the four designated groups (gender, visible minorities, persons with disabilities, and aboriginal peoples) are equitably represented within the organization.

ThinkOn is committed to providing equal employment opportunities to all. We will not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, ancestry, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, colour, disability, family status or other grounds prohibited by law. We believe in the importance of a diverse culture because we know it is crucial to our values as an organization, as well as the success of our employees as a cohesive team. Our valued customers rely on ThinkOn to provide quality services and expertise that are best served by a group of people with different backgrounds, expertise, personalities, talents, ideas, and opinions.

We believe being inclusive is important because it is crucial to ensuring ThinkOn is seen as a great place to work, fostering a mutual sense of caring and respect – a place where people feel welcome and can be themselves. Inclusivity and belonging are crucial to our overall work environment and culture.

Diversity and inclusion/belonging can be a sensitive topic, but at ThinkOn we always want this to be top of mind when making hiring decisions, in the way we work, and how we communicate with each other every day. We expect all our staff at ThinkOn to be open-minded people, who respect their fellow employees and embrace all the qualities that make each of us unique. It is the responsibility of all team members to play an active role in the success of this Diversity and Belonging policy.