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ThinkOn Minimum Data Center Specifications v1.8 – January 3, 2024

The table below specifies the minimum capabilities available at all data centre facilities within which ThinkOn will deploy its service delivery infrastructure.


Specification(s) and/or Compliance


SOC 2 Type II or ISO 27001 Certified

(Co-location, Dedicated, Managed Hosting)

Redundant Power Source

The entire power delivery architecture is redundant in an N+1 configuration.

Backup Power Systems

UPS battery backup with a minimum run time of 30 minutes and diesel generator backup with a minimum of 1 day of fuel on hand with delivery contracts in place with multiple vendors.

Environmental Control

State of the art climate control systems N+1, environment maintained to ASHRAE server inlet standards.

Fire Suppression

Pre-action dry pipe sprinkler system with clean agent fire extinguishers.

Raised Floor

Minimum two-foot high anti-static system.

24/7 Support

Monitoring of the network 24 × 7 × 365, plus around-the-clock access to phone or online support.

Token based entry controls

Token based entry controls in place at all facility access points.

Biometric access system

Biometric based access controls integrated into all facility access points.

Video monitoring

100% internal and external area coverage via CCTV with DVR system tied to backup SAN storage.


Intruder and door tampering alarms in place.

Location of Data

Data center(s) located in either Canada or United States of America; subscriber data residing in any of these locations does not traverse the border.