Feb 8, 2023 | Case studies, Resources

ThinkOn provides integrated BaaS and DRaaS to this MSP’s diverse client portfolio

“It’s about listening to the client and understanding their business— where they are now, where they want to be, and how we can help them get there. We needed a partner who would be with us—and our clients—every step of the way. ThinkOn enables us to provide tailored, cost-effective, future-proof IT solutions, so that instead of focusing on IT infrastructure, or backups, or disaster recovery, our clients can focus on what they do best: achieving their goals.”

– CEO, large North American managed service provider

This US-based managed service provider (MSP) with offices in Seattle, Chicago, Boston, and Toronto, delivers a comprehensive range of IT services to small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) from a wide array of sectors, including government, retail, media, health care, non-profit, and financial services.

The team believes in taking a big picture approach to each client’s technology journey and then creating a “perfect-fit” solution that is cost effective, easy to use, supported by experts, and able to grow and change with their clients’ evolving needs. At the core of this MSP’s philosophy is a belief in the importance of creating long-term, lasting relationships with both their clients and their vendor partners.

Challenge accepted

The MSP came to ThinkOn with a challenge. Their clients are from diverse, fast-growing business sectors, and as these enterprises grow and change, so too does the amount and type of data they’re dealing with—and the risk associated with losing that data. The MSP needed a trusted partner to enable them to provide innovative backup and disaster recovery solutions with the capability to adapt to their clients’ needs. They chose ThinkOn to be that partner.

Creating bespoke backup and disaster recovery solutions means understanding client data—and the solutions that are the most efficient and cost-effective fit for that data. A company might start out needing reliable Backup as a Service, but as they grow, and as their data, connectivity, and networking needs become more complex, they become vulnerable to a vast array of threats including human error, natural disaster, malfunction, or physical disaster. Suddenly, customers don’t just need secure, long-term data storage and backup once a week (or once a day), they also need Disaster Recovery as a Service for their business-critical systems—DRaaS that’s resilient and scalable, with real-time replication, near-instant failover, and seamless failback.


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