Feb 16, 2023 | Case studies, Resources

ThinkOn + Nimble: Better Together

Jack and Jill on Parliament Hill fetched many buckets of data

Three years ago, Canadian companies ThinkOn and Nimble came together to deliver a document digitization and digital mail solution hosted in a Canadian Sovereign Cloud to one of the largest branches of the Canadian federal government.

More than a picture of a page, this mail solution consolidates all inbound communications and digitizes them. It normalizes the various formats and harvests all the data submitted in the communications in a repository with workflow capabilities that can get the communications pushed to the right people and departments. The sovereign repository has full search and data retrieval capabilities and the ability to push off the data to case management systems and other lines of business systems.

Jack be Nimble, Jack be secure

While Nimble often hosts customer cloud solutions in its own secure environment, in this case, the team wanted to partner with ThinkOn because Nimble believed our Protected-B capabilities and Sovereign Cloud offering were valuable assets for this program.

So, while Nimble provided all the services in the front end, ThinkOn hosted the application in its Canadian Sovereign Cloud.

When you’re protecting the data of the average Canadian butcher, baker, and candlestick maker, you want to ensure it’s safe. IT and security teams from Nimble and ThinkOn joined forces to successfully deliver everything required during the ITSG-33 audit process and be granted authority to operate.

Growing bigger than Jack’s beanstalk—together

Because it takes more than magic beans to digitally transform, the ThinkOn-Nimble partnership has continued to grow and thrive as more public sector organizations seek secure ways to break down communication siloes, improve workflows, and empower more remote and hybrid work environments.

“We need a trusted partner in the Federal Government to provide hosting of our applications while meeting the rigorous security standards required for Protected-B information and satisfying the ITSG-33 requirements. With ThinkOn, we can check all those boxes.”

— Daryl Stott, Vice President Digital Transformations, Nimble

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