Oct 24, 2022 | Resources

A Superhero’s Guide To Microsoft 365 Backup & Recovery

Eliminate your top 3 tech villains and increase backup speeds by [upto] 30X

Many organizations think their Microsoft365 data is backed up because they moved to the cloud. It’s a common misconception. While Microsoft takes care of the infrastructure, the data is your responsibility.

This is also a reminder to not put all your data eggs in one hyperscale cloud basket.

Just as you wouldn’t put your server and your tape backup in the same location, don’t use the same cloud for your applications and your backup. If you use Azure to back up Microsoft 365 and Azure goes down; then you are losing both your primary and backup sites. In other words, if all your backup is in the same cloud, then you risk losing everything.

Although Microsoft provides infrastructure resiliency and application accessibility within Microsoft 365, you are ultimately the data owner.

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