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Multi-tenant cloud that embodies the ultimate in flexibility.

With ThinkOn, you can power up your infrastructure with what we call Cloud Compute Units.

A Cloud Compute Unit is comprised of 1Ghz of CPU and 2GB of RAM, available for deployment in virtual servers in any ratio that is required for your business needs.

So, what does this mean for you?

Consider ThinkOn as your multi-tenant cloud tailor

ThinkOn Multi-Tenant Cloud powered by VMware provides more flexibility, creativity, and agility than standard hyperscale cloud plans—and has added value built-in. With our model, you tell us how much CPU, RAM and storage you need, we allocate it to you, and you can consume it any way you’d like.
ThinkOn Multi-Tenant Cloud enables you to scale your infrastructure alongside your business without migrating or switching systems, so it’s always a perfect fit.

Added Benefits Built-In

ThinkOn Multi-Tenant Cloud comes with ThinkOn’s Compass Platform—a turn-key quote-to-cash workflow and governance system that can be integrated with existing CRM applications.
From the single pane view of ThinkOn’s Compass Platform, you can:

  • Enable provisioning, automation, and integration for partners and subscribers
  • View and report on usage, consumption, and backup status
  • Support self or full-service customer interactions
  • Quickly go-to-market or spin up workloads
  • See real-time billing
  • Make it your own with 100% white label capabilities

Be ready for the future with limitless infrastructure, a simplified and secured environment, and the ability to accommodate real-time workloads.

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A comfortable fit adds more value

ThinkOn Multi-Tenant Cloud is built on VMware—which most organizations utilize and consume on-premises. At ThinkOn, our cloud back-end is built on VMware vSphere and our front-end on VMware Cloud Director, so familiar functionality and features are part of the package. This means resources can carry their skillsets from data center to cloud and feel comfortable managing your Hybrid environment—no hiring out or re-training required.

ThinkOn takes the weight off your resources. You manage the application and virtual stack and leave the underlying infrastructure and corresponding patches and updates to us—freeing up your resources for higher value business priorities.

No fears, no tears billing

We like to keep billing simple, granular, and fear-free. Sign up for ThinkOn Multi-Tenant Cloud, and we tell you the cost upfront. When your bill comes, that’s the number you’ll see. No fine print, no escalating cloud allocation usage charges, no hidden fees—absolutely no sticker shock when you open your invoice.

The easiest move you’ll make—no packing required

Are you running VMware Hypervisor in-house? Lift-and-shift to ThinkOn Multi-Tenant Cloud or run in a Hybrid model; no application transformation needed. It’s the ease of sliding a square peg into a square hole.

Location, location, location

You decide where your infrastructure resides—with access to multi-tenant cloud locations across Canada, the US, The Bahamas, Australia, and the UK—and cross-replicate for disaster recovery.

A gated community for your infrastructure

ThinkOn Multi-Tenant Cloud is only available to contracted subscribers, so there is no need to worry about “noisy neighbors” or transient workload found with spot market services.

ThinkOn’s no frills approach to cloud infrastructure

Consume what you need in our proprietary service delivery architecture – ThoughtSpace. We will help you maintain all your data and utilize resources on a needs basis. 

What are the direct benefits for your organization?

  • Maximize your IT investments by leveraging only the solutions your business needs while freeing up financial resources that can be reallocated to the other critical business needs.
  • Pay for only what you need today rather than what you think you’ll need tomorrow. With ThinkOn, adding computing and storage resources to your virtual data center is easy, quick, and simple.
  • Unlimited scale up and scale out possibilities allow your virtual data center to be optimized and agile to keep up with your applications’ needs. Wave ‘goodbye’ to rigid IT infrastructure that constricts your business rather than enable its growth.

Moving to a multi-tenant cloud is not a digital shift—it’s a better way to do business.

Make sure the cloud fits your organization’s needs perfectly.

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Accelerate your digital transformation to the public cloud with ThinkOn

At ThinkOn, we believe that the best cloud you can buy is the one you already own. This is the foundation to our agnostic and simple approach to digital transformation with optimizable solutions that support your applications.

We work with what you already have to create optimal environments for your business to rapidly deploy instances so you can focus on outcomes rather than getting bogged down with constraints and complexities in your IT infrastructure.

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