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A Better Together Solution for Government Cloud Services: What the ThinkOn-Broadcom VMware Advantage means for VMware Sellers 

The recent acquisition of VMware by global infrastructure technology leader Broadcom is raising a lot of concerns among users who rely on VMware’s cloud computing software to run their cloud. 

In her recent Wall Street Journal article, Isabelle Bousquette acknowledges that some customers are finding the transition difficult to comprehend: “The virtualization pioneer is undergoing some changes in the wake of its acquisition by Broadcom. Corporate customers are trying to make sense of what it means.”[1] The same is true for VMware sellers servicing government customers, with some looking to shift away from VMware—a costly proposition with a steep learning curve, especially with the current skills shortage, according to market research firm Forrester Research

Why go to all that trouble when there’s a simple, cost-effective solution? VMware sellers can seamlessly migrate their government clients to ThinkOn cloud services without having to switch hosting services. No muss, no fuss. 

A Canadian solution for VMware sellers and their government customers 

At ThinkOn, we see this new chapter of VMware hosting services as an opportunity for VMware sellers and their government customers. ThinkOn is a strategic partner within Broadcom’s expanded vision, and we’re ready to help sellers and their customers with a seamless transition to more specialized cloud services tailored to Canadian government and public service needs.  

Your customer’s cloud runs on VMware—so does ThinkOn’s 

With ThinkOn, you’re ready to go—with fully accredited cloud services built on the VMware platform. Plus, we have a proven track record with government and public service organizations in Canada, so you’ll hit the ground running. 

A 100% sovereign Canadian solution 

ThinkOn is 100% Canadian-owned and operated, so we understand Canadian values and the needs of the Canadian public service market. Our extended partnership with Broadcom bolsters the support and resources we’re famous for, strengthening our position as the Canadian sovereign cloud provider…with a global advantage. 

The experience and expertise you need 

ThinkOn and VMware have been valued partners since the earliest days of ThinkOn, so we’re experts in delivering cloud services to VMware users. Here are just a few reasons why: 

  1. ThinkOn was the first Canadian VMware Sovereign Cloud partner and is the largest VMware partner in Canada. 
  1. ThinkOn Sovereign Cloud means data residency and governance stay within Canadian borders, ensuring data sovereignty, traceability, and supply chain management are in full compliance with Canadian regulations. 
  1. We never allow foreign third-party access in our supply chain, so data is secure within a solid Canadian sovereign framework. 
  1. ThinkOn has received Protected B accreditation from the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security and are the only framework agreement holder capable of delivering true sovereign cloud services to the GoC. 

In today’s cyber-critical world, maintaining the privacy of Canadian data is imperative, and a priority mandate for the Canadian Government.[2] ThinkOn is the only fully accredited Canadian sovereign cloud approved by the Federal Government.  

ThinkOn—where data thrives 

At ThinkOn, our commitment to make data thrive means more data insights and best-in-class security and compliance, so you can focus on sales while we take care of your customers and their data. Here’s how:  

  1. When it comes to protecting your data from ransomware or accidental deletion, ThinkOn has the know-how, resources, and industry leading technology to keep data secure, compliant, and recoverable. 
  1. ThinkOn Canadian Sovereign Cloud is built to handle sensitive PBMM and Protected B data—and ThinkOn is an approved CSP under the Shared Services Canada Framework Agreement for Secure Workloads. 
  1. We offer 24/7/365 support. Get expert help when you need it.  

A better together solution—so many advantages with ThinkOn 

ThinkOn was founded on the principles of transparency, clarity, and no-surprise billing, making us the perfect partner for Broadcom—and for VMware sellers and their government customers!  

Our subscription-based selling model makes for an easy transition to the Broadcom vision and pricing structure. We make it seamless for public service customers to leave the licensing mindset behind—and help them save money in the process. A stress-free customer means worry-free selling for you—so you have more time to focus on expanding your customer base. 

ThinkOn Canadian Sovereign Cloud and our high-quality infrastructure (IaaS), data protection (BaaS), data archiving, business continuity (DRaaS), and object storage services make it easy to serve your government accounts and accelerate your sales.  

ThinkOn and Broadcom: better together 

The ThinkOn partnership with Broadcom is a massive opportunity for VMware sellers. We know VMware inside and out, and we’re smoothing the transition to Broadcom with our reliable, affordable, high-security cloud services. Imagine a world where you don’t have to struggle with the complex contracts, vendor lock-in, and hidden surprises of the hyperscalers. With ThinkOn, you get all the support and resources you need for the VMware platform—and ThinkOn’s extensive partner ecosystem provides access to the very best technology and digital solutions, so you can customize solutions to fit customer needs. 

Canadian data deserves a Canadian solution. That’s what ThinkOn delivers. Partnered with the Broadcom vision dedicated to a broader, multi-tenant or private cloud opportunity built on a VMware Cloud foundation, ThinkOn is the perfect cloud service partner to serve your government and public service customers. 

Want to learn more about the ThinkOn-Broadcom VMware Advantage for VMware sellers? Get in touch with us at sales@thinkon.com and we’ll answer your questions!

[1] The Wall Street Journal. 2024. Isabelle Bousquette. “Broadcom’s VMware Overhaul Draws Attention of CIOs.”  https://www.wsj.com/articles/broadcoms-vmware-overhaul-draws-attention-of-cios-c76998b6 

[2] Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada. Canada’s Digital Charter. 2023. “Building a Foundation of Trust.” https://ised-isde.canada.ca/site/innovation-better-canada/en/canadas-digital-charter-trust-digital-world 

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