Better Together in cloud services: Broadcom, VMware & ThinkOn 

We’re a VMware Cloud Service Provider (VCSP) Pinnacle Partner in the Broadcom Advantage Partner Program 

And we’re a 100% channel-only partner invited to the party 

Broadcom’s strategic shift may be disruptive to your business…

Don’t worry, we’ve got the stability and support you need. ThinkOn offers streamlined cloud migration for VMware cloud providers and their customers. As a strategic provider, ThinkOn will support VMware partners who are not moving forward within Broadcom’s Advantage Partner Program. VMware partners can now confidently navigate the complexities of the transition process by streamlining the migration of their customer data to ThinkOn cloud services.  Let’s get this party started!

The Better Together Partner Advantage 

ThinkOn’s transparent pricing structure, subscription-based model, and value-added services mean that our partners can serve their customers and expand their business opportunities more effectively. Our VMware Sovereign Cloud status, combined with trusted IaaS, BaaS, data archiving, DRaaS, and object storage solutions, optimizes account management and drives sales growth in a secure cloud environment. 

Reach out to ThinkOn and let’s have that white label and migration conversation. 

You’re ready to go with fully accredited cloud services built on the VMware platform

As a Pinnacle Partner, we keep our commitments high and our costs low and we will not increase our prices within Broadcom’s Partner Advantage program. 

Valued VMware partners since the earliest days of ThinkOn, we’re VMware Cloud Certified and accredited under the VMware Sovereign Cloud Initiative. Seamlessly migrate customers to ThinkOn cloud services without hidden costs or billing surprises.  

Key components of our cloud migration services: 

    Assessment, Planning, Execution & Post-migration support

    Risk assessment, Data protection, and Minimizing downtime.

    Cost savings
    & Relief from infrastructure expenses 

    Your customers are yours! As a 100% channel-only provider in the Broadcom Advantage Program, ThinkOn uniquely supports partners, free from direct sales competition conflicts.  

    The ThinkOn Pinnacle Partner Advantage 

    With ThinkOn, your customer enjoys fear-free billing for their cloud services, there’s no lock-in, and you get to work with an expert who doesn’t have to check with a foreign head office to confirm the terms of your contract.

    Our track record proves that more than 99% of your customers using ThinkOn cloud services will still be your customers after five years. 

    Unlike hyperscalers, we’re solely channel-focused, never going direct to your customers

    VMware Cloud Certified and accredited under the VMware Sovereign Cloud Initiative

    Fully accredited cloud services built on the VMware platform

    Canada’s top VMware Sovereign Cloud partner. Approved for sensitive data, including PBMM and Protected B. Under Secure Workloads Framework Agreement by Shared Services Canada. Exempt from US Cloud Act outside USA

    Our predictable pricing means clarity, transparency, and no sticker shock when the bill arrives. VMware
    Cloud Certified and accredited under the VMware Sovereign Cloud Initiative

    ThinkOn enables VCSP partners with non-branded VMware Cloud Foundation entitlements. Additionally, we facilitate direct collaboration with VMware account teams for corporate customers, enhancing pre-sales efforts

    At ThinkOn, we’re channel only, and we are committed to preserving the integrity of vendor-channel relationships. With transparent licensing options, predictable pricing structures, and no hidden fees, ThinkOn ensures that channel partners can focus on growing their business as part of Broadcom’s new vision without worrying about unexpected costs or vendor lock-in. 

    —Dan Timko, Chief Strategy Officer, ThinkOn

    Sure, the hyperscalers are a popular cloud provider option, but it’s time to look beyond the hype!  

    Cloud margins with the hyperscalers are shrinking. You’re lucky to get 3%—if anything. At ThinkOn, our margins are in the double digits. That’s because we honor our partnerships with our vendors, and we’re focused on helping you grow your business.  

    To maintain true data sovereignty, data must always remain in the country of origin—both in transit and while being accessed. Since all the major hyperscalers are US-based and subject to the US Cloud Act, they cannot offer a true sovereign cloud. 

    Here’s how we stand out from the rest of the cloud service provider crowd  

    Hyperscaler comparison table

    Reach out to ThinkOn and let’s have that white label and migration conversation.