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The ThinkOn Advantage: VMware Channel Partners Seamlessly Migrate Customers into the Broadcom Vision

A valued and secure partnership brings opportunity, and that’s a top priority at ThinkOn. Channel comes first and always for the Thinkers at ThinkOn, so we’re concerned when the big hyperscalers take advantage of vendors or a shake-up in the channel impacts their business. 

For VMware channel partners who were not invited to be part of the new Broadcom Advantage Program, we want to let you know that ThinkOn has been invited to be a Broadcom Pinnacle Partner, and we invite you to learn more about how, as a strategic partner with Broadcom, ThinkOn is supporting VMware sellers so they can seamlessly migrate their customers to ThinkOn cloud services without having to switch hosting services. 

Vendor options in the face of transition 

The recent acquisition of VMware has many partners reeling from the sudden shift in strategy by Broadcom. CRN noted that this shift has left many VMware partners “scared, angry, and terminated.”i 

Many vendors feel as though the rug has been pulled out from under them, according to CRN. “The acquisition has caused chaos in VMware’s channel partner ecosystem as Broadcom completely changed VMware’s channel strategy, including the termination of the VMware Partner Program.”ii 

As one concerned partner stated to CRN, “I think it’s very important for everyone to understand that for the small partners, this is going to be quite a challenging scenario.”iii 

Vendors left out in the cold are looking for alternatives, with some considering a move away from VMware, a costly proposition with a steep learning curve made more challenging by the current skills shortage, according to the Wall Street Journal.iv 

As a VMware partner with ThinkOn, you can skip that complexity with a simple, cost-effective solution.  

A Better Together solution for VMware channel partners 

At ThinkOn, we recognize the opportunity for channel partners in this new chapter of VMware hosting services. We’ve been valued partners with VMware since the earliest days of ThinkOn, and we’re VMware Cloud Certified and accredited under the VMware Sovereign Cloud Initiative. 

So, with ThinkOn, you’re ready to go—with fully accredited cloud services built on the VMware platform. You’ll hit the ground running, and your business will too, because we look after our channel partners. 

With us, vendors can seamlessly migrate their customers into the Broadcom vision cost-effectively and without the pitfalls of working with the hyperscalers. You can avoid the hidden costs, unpredictable billing, foreign access, and prohibitive fees that keep your customers up at night and hinder your ability to sell more cloud services. 

Sure, there are other options, but beware of the hidden costs of the hyperscalers! 

Cloud margins with the hyperscalers are shrinking. You’re lucky to get three percent—if anything. At ThinkOn, our margins are in the double digits. That’s because we honour our partnerships with our vendors, and we’re focused on helping you grow your business. 

Channel-first means we never steal your customers. Whereas hyperscalers are known to squeeze the vendor out and take over their business, ThinkOn is channel-only, and we never go customer-direct. Your customers are YOURS. We work with you and for you—in the background or up front, the choice is yours. 

ThinkOn offers transparent licensing options, avoiding the high-priced subscriptions and contractual obligations that hyperscalers use to escalate costs and keep customers trapped in solutions that no longer serve them. That leaves you free to explore customized options for your customers and sell more cloud services as their needs evolve. 

The ThinkOn advantage: It’s all about YOU 

At ThinkOn, we know that customer retention is the best way to maintain your base and give you the opportunity to acquire new business. Our track record proves that more than 99 percent of your customers using ThinkOn cloud services will still be your customers after five years. 

ThinkOn looks after you and your customer: 

  • We never charge ingress or egress fees. 
  • Our pricing structure is predictable, with no surprise billing. 
  • We guarantee transparent and reliable contractual agreements. 
  • We offer full transparency and compliance in our data supply chain. 

With ThinkOn, your customer doesn’t have to fear opening their cloud bill, there’s no lock-in, and the person you work with doesn’t have to check with a foreign head office to confirm the terms of your contract. 

ThinkOn—where data thrives  

At ThinkOn, our commitment to make data thrive means more data insights and best-in-class security and compliance, so you can focus on sales while we take care of your customers and their data: 

  • We are a global company with data centres in Canada, the United States, The Bahamas, Australia, and the United Kingdom. 
  • Customized data protection and ransomware protection is top priority at ThinkOn. We have the strategy, resources, and technology to keep data secure, compliant, and recoverable. 
  • ThinkOn Sovereign Cloud means data residency and governance stay within borders of origin, ensuring data sovereignty, traceability, and supply chain management in full compliance with local regulations. 
  • We never allow foreign third-party access in our supply chain, so data is secure within a solid sovereign framework. 
  • We offer 24/7/365 support, so you can access expert assistance—whenever you need it. 

A better together solution 

ThinkOn was founded to provide transparency, clarity, and fear-free billing, which makes us the perfect partner with Broadcom for VMware sellers and their customers. 

Our subscription-based sales model makes for an easy transition to the Broadcom vision and pricing structure. We make it easy for your customers to leave the licensing mindset behind—and help them save money in the process. Stress-free customers mean worry-free selling for you and more time to focus on expanding your customer base. ThinkOn Sovereign Cloud and our industry-leading infrastructure (IaaS), data protection (BaaS), data archiving, business continuity (DRaaS), and object storage services make it easy to serve your accounts and accelerate your sales. 

At ThinkOn, we deliver peace of mind. And together with the Broadcom vision dedicated to a more comprehensive, multi-tenant or private cloud opportunity under the VMware Cloud Foundation, ThinkOn is the best cloud services partner to serve your customers, grow your margins and expand your business.  

Visit our partner program page, and then reach out to us at sales@thinkon.com. We’d love to hear from you! 

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