BaaS or DRaaS? Eeny, meeny, miny, BOTH!

Some things are just better together—peanut butter + jelly, Simon + Garfunkel, BaaS + DRaaS. Leverage this power combo to create a continuity plan that fits your business.

Consider us the Smokey Bear of data disasters

The threat of data disasters and ransomware is scary enough. We aren’t here to add fuel to the fire—the fire is big enough. We’re here to help prevent the fire from getting out of hand should it start. Only you can prevent data disasters (with our help, of course).

Do you need BaaS or DRaaS?
The short answer is—both.

Data drives your business. Providing your data with both cost- effective long-term storage, and protection from threats like human error, natural disaster, ransomware, is crucial to your brand reputation, customer and talent retention, and your bottom line.

You don’t have to be scared if you’re prepared

You can’t stop ransomware. But you can make sure your data is protected so you can bounce back fast—and avoid devastating ransom demands. Read all about it.

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Get to know your options

Customized recovery strategy

Once upon a time, you just backed everything up—no matter what kind of data you were dealing with. But today’s IT gives you the power to go beyond the old one-size-fits-all solution and create a business continuity plan tailored to fit your business and your data.

Different types of data can be protected in different ways. So, understanding how your business uses data and knowing your tolerance for data loss and recovery time (RPO/RTO) helps you tier your data and optimize the economic and strategic benefits of a comprehensive recovery plan.

When it comes to mission critical data, compute, and networking, you need Disaster Recovery as a Service. DRaaS solutions keep data geographically isolated and constantly up to date, providing fast recovery with minimal data and infrastructure loss.

DRaaS powered by Zerto
DRaaS powered by Veeam

Where backup shines

But what about the rest of your data?

The power of DRaaS isn’t the most efficient or cost-effective option for your long-term storage and low-risk infrastructure—that data with RPO/RTO of days or weeks instead of minutes or seconds. It’s here that Backup as a Service (BaaS) shines, with lower-cost solutions that focus on secure, economical, long-term storage for non-mission critical or archival data.

Data Protect with Veeam

Disaster recovery optimized

From critical and high change rate workloads to protected offsite backup and remote restore, when it comes to preventing data loss and meeting compliance and regulatory requirements, ThinkOn does it all—at whatever speed you need.
Individually, BaaS and DRaaS solutions focus on minimizing data loss. But when has a “one-size-fits-all” ever fit anyone that well? In a word, never. So, talk to the experts at ThinkOn about how they can help you tier your data and combine the best of our industry-leading BaaS and DRaaS solutions to optimize every aspect of your recovery.

Now that’s a perfect fit.

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