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So What Makes a Great Digital Relationship: Is Your Cloud Provider Helping Your Business Grow? 

Let’s face it—what partners want is to grow their business. For that to happen, they need to keep existing customers happy, offer customized solutions that fit customer needs, reduce troubleshooting and capacity headaches, and trust their cloud provider to help them do all these things quickly and easily.  

Far too often, cloud providers hinder the customer journey, producing headaches for you, eating up your time, and slowing your capacity for growth. And sometimes, they even steal your customers.   

At ThinkOn, we believe that you should expect more from your cloud provider. We’re not just a technology resource, we’re here to help—removing obstacles and supporting the customer journey so you can get on with your top priority: growing your business. 

Keeping the relationship alive and well 

A digital journey is a big undertaking for a customer—one that should never turn into a dead end. Whether the customer has come to you as their partner in a time of crisis or because they have a dream to transform their business, they want to work with an expert. You are the face of their vision, and that means you need a partner you can trust.  

When ThinkOn works with you to make your customer’s digital transformation a reality, we make things easy by providing personal support and innovative technologies—a sure-fire plan to make sure you have the resources and expertise you need to make digital dreams come true. 

That’s why we say our cloud is your cloud. We help you customize solutions to fit the customer’s needs and support that process every step of the way—but the end result is firmly in your hands, and you retain the trusted advisor position with your customers.  

Loyal customers can add up to significant revenue for your business, according to Zippia Career experts, “In addition to being more likely to make a purchase, existing customers spend more money than new ones do, and this increases, the more loyal they are. In numerical terms, the top 10 percent of most loyal customers will spend an average of three times more per purchase than the remaining 90 percent of customers.”i 

Your brand is your value: Are you just another face in the crowd? 

If you want to be like everyone else, you can package and resell Azure, AWS, Google, and other hyperscaler offerings. You’ll be one of thousands of companies who do that. How can you differentiate your company when your offerings are much the same as everyone else’s? 

The way the hyperscalers work, your margins will suffer along with your brand because you won’t be adequately compensated for cloud services. ThinkOn pays double-digit margins, and because our cloud is your cloud, you can put your own branding and wrap your own services’ unique value propositions around ThinkOn services. That’s a double advantage for our partners. 

As a cloud provider that offers a hyperscaler model with the option to control the customer/partner relationship, we offer our partners the space to brand your services and expertise with ours in a way that a hyperscaler will never allow.  

With ThinkOn, you own the contract with your customer for the cloud services you provide, and you attach your services’ unique value propositions around the ThinkOn resources. And because ThinkOn pays double-digit margins, profits go up faster and easier—without the capex investment necessary to build your own services and data centers.  

Who’s the star player? 

There are two ways to work with ThinkOn, and the choice is yours. We can be onstage, supporting your customer process, or work silently in the background. Either way, you remain the lead player in the customer relationship, and ThinkOn plays the supporting role.  

That doesn’t mean we’re just set dressing or managing props. We’re there to make your life easier with 24/7 customer support, best-in-class partnerships, and innovative technology. We also have our finger on the pulse of global digital trends, regulations, and security protocols, providing you with the best tools in the cloud computing landscape. So, you don’t have to worry about how to serve the client’s needs or customize the right digital solutions—we’ve got that covered. 

Whether you decide to bring ThinkOn on as a front-facing partner in the customer’s digital journey or opt for our white label-service where we stay out of sight, we’ve got your back, and your customer’s digital journey will play to rave reviews. In this show, you’re center stage, you get all the credit, and your existing customers are happy and supported, giving you more time to acquire new customers.  

Capacity to grow—It’s a numbers game  

Capacity headaches present a challenge. Do you overprovision, knowing you’ll have to expand as the company grows, or will you risk cost overruns when data stores expand too rapidly? Your cloud provider should have the solution—one that grows as your customer grows and doesn’t break the bank.  

A good partner will support capacity expansion, not stunt your growth by charging ingress and egress fees every time your customer has to move their data. ThinkOn plans for growth because that’s the key to growing your business.  

After all, we want our customers to grow, right? And they shouldn’t be penalized for that success by losing control over their data management and cloud services. With ThinkOn, you can leave the capacity planning to us, and that frees your customer budget to buy more cloud services from you. Everyone grows, everyone wins.    

Your BFF is our best friend, too 

Your best friend in the computing space is probably our best friend, too. We only build our service delivery on global company technologies, such as Hitachi, HP, Dell, VMware, Veeam, and Commvault.  

While some cloud service providers have consumer-grade technologies built right into their cloud infrastructure, that’s not for us. We insist on the best-rated and most innovative technologies in our solutions. If your provider is tying you to a specified list of technology partners, your ability to serve your customers is limited and may result in lost business.  

Because ThinkOn works with all the best technology companies, you have options. And if you or your customer is already working with a major technology company, having the option to keep things consistent goes a long way to keeping costs down, limiting compatibility problems, and removing a steep learning curve that eats up your selling time.  

A strategic plan for business growth 

Real channel champions put their partners first. They offer technology choices and customer support resources that save them time and don’t eat their profits. They offer fair margins and don’t steal their partners’ customers once the footwork is done.  

At ThinkOn, we know that partners are the lifeblood of the digital business. We know that you want to be out selling, not troubleshooting existing customers or explaining complicated and expensive pricing structures. You want a partner who puts you front and center, and protects your accounts so your profits can grow. 

If your cloud provider isn’t supporting your business growth, it’s time to look for something better. ThinkOn works hard to listen to you and be that better option. 

Learn more about growing your business the ThinkOn way in Part One of our “So What Make’s a Great Digital Relationship?” series, where we take a deep dive into the Cloud Provider/Partner relationship and what you should expect from your cloud provider.

[1] Zippia. Abbey McCain. 2023. “28 Critical Customer Retention Statistics [2023]: Average Customer Retention Rate by Industry.”

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