By thinkon

We are proud to announce the certification of ThinkOn Object Storage with Commvault’s Backup and Recovery products. Businesses who use Commvault Backup and Recovery products can now vault infrequently accessed data directly to ThinkOn’s S3 compatible Object Store via the internet.

Here are three key reasons why you should be excited:

  • Object Storage is Secure: All data stored in the ThinkOn ObjectStore is secure; only owners of data objects and their respective bucket(s) can access the storage resources to store or retrieve data. Data security is paramount in today’s climate, data security breaches cause companies to lose billions annually.
  • Object Storage is Highly Available: Data stored on ObjectStore is redundant and durable since the data exists on many different physical devices simultaneously while performing continuous health checks against the original. Data is not compromised or corrupted while in storage and has the ability to survive even hardware failure.
  • Object Storage is Simple: Scalable storage and pricing model where reducing or expanding a data volume is seamless. Data grows and changes faster today than ever before and a scalable storage solution is critical to the success of a growing business.

If you or your customer’s business uses tape-based backups, complicated software archiving tools or expensive on-site storage to protect your Commvault data then this is an opportunity that you cannot afford to pass up.

Reach out to our team at or call 647.478.9266 (hit 1 for sales) for a quote today!