Nov 3, 2022 | Infographics, Resources

Improve Data Control and Compliance with Sovereign Clouds

Global Data Privacy Continues to Evolve:

  •  145 countries have data privacy laws, up from 132 in 2018
  •  900+ fines have been issued for GDPR violations
  •  66% of the European cloud market is controlled by US-based providers, who are subject to the US CLOUD Act 
  •  Laws vary by country and region, requiring local experts and multiple clouds 

ThinkOn Sovereign Cloud Provide Privacy, Access and Control for Sensitive Data 

Boost Security 

Protect your applications and data against rapidly evolving attack vectors with advanced security controls. 

Increase Mobility 

Share and migrate data with seamless portability and interoperability to freely deploy and move data anywhere. 

Control Your Data 

Your data remains under sovereign control and jurisdiction, preventing compelled access to data by foreign authorities.

Fuel Innovation 

Build national digital resilience for the data economy. Develop a deep and wide pool of useful data to unlock true economic growth. 

Improve Compliance 

Achieve compliance significantly faster and more efficiently, and maintain continuous compliance with privacy regulations. 

Future-Proof Your Infrastructure 

Respond quickly to changing data privacy regulations, security threats and geopolitics. Avoid cloud vendor lock-in with workload, application and data portability. 

VMware Sovereign Cloud partners like ThinkOn can help protect your sensitive data with trusted, local cloud infrastructure that meets security, compliance and data sovereignty requirements. From verified global partners to automation, network and security solutions, VMware Sovereign Clouds are based on modern, software-defined architectures and industry best practices. 

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