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ThinkOn Compass provides a streamlined and automated approach to order, subscriber, and service management that creates an exceptional experience for you—and your customers.

Forge a clear trail from quote to invoice

McKinsey & Company reports that improving the as-a-service quote-to-cash process could help trim end-to-end costs by 15 to 20%.1

Compass is an integrated quote-to-cash full-service management portal that boosts efficiency and improves your chances of successful sales and collections. Beyond just invoicing software, Compass is a single point of control for subscriber-base and account administration and services monitoring.

With Compass, you can effortlessly manage all the independent tasks that make up the quote-to-cash subscriber cycle, enabling your sales team to deliver accurate information to customers quickly, reducing order and invoicing errors and improving analysis and forecasting.

Compass simplifies order management and allows you to manage your subscriber base, provision new services, and visualize your solutions.

It easily integrates with almost any CRM through an API, and supports:

  • Self-service or full-service customer interactions
  • Complete white labelling
  • Subscriber and reseller communications
  • Localization customization for currency and language
  • Public and private product catalogues

Built-in automation frees resources from time-consuming administrative tasks, so they have more time to build critical relationships, deliver excellent customer care, and help your sales climb.

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