It’s Time to Separate Fact from Fiction: Demystifying Cloud Myths for the Canadian Public Sector 

Become the advocate your data deserves. Understand the real risks and how to mitigate them.

The big guys like to talk the talk, but do they really walk the walk? 

It’s time to look beyond the hype.  

In the world of cloud computing, it can feel like it’s all hyperscalers all the time. But new insights recommend rejecting the hyperscaler hype—especially if you need your data sovereignty, traceability, and supply chain management to be in full compliance with Canadian regulations.  

Because hyperscalers have a history of overhyped claims…   

every company is sovereign

“Every cloud company can provide a Canadian sovereign cloud solution.” 

cloud everything

“If your data resides within a data centre in Canada, it’s sovereign.” 

everything cloud

“Forget about cloud first or cloud smart, it should be cloud everything.” 

all clouds are budget friendly

“All cloud solutions are budget friendly.” 

come and go from the cloud

“You can come and go from the cloud as you please with ease.” 

negotiate a contract

“Your hyperscale cloud representative has the power to negotiate your contract with you.” 

all clouds are created equal

“All clouds are created equally.” 

Our team of expert Thinkers have created this valuable myth busting resource to set the record straight—with some cloud, hard truths 

debunking cloud myth ebook

What’s inside? Download now for insights into:

  • The Sovereignty Illusion. Learn why the hyperscalers’ claims of data sovereignty might not be what they seem. 
  • Data Residency vs. Sovereignty. Understand the crucial difference between data residency and true data sovereignty. 
  • Cloud Smart vs. Cloud Everything. Discover why not every workload belongs in the cloud. 
  • The Hidden Costs. Uncover the truth about hidden fees and unexpected charges that could blow your budget sky-high. 
  • Locked in the Cloud. Discover the challenges of data repatriation with hyperscalers. 
  • The Illusion of Negotiation. Find out who really holds the power in cloud contract negotiations. 
  • Not all Clouds are Created Equal. Learn why ThinkOn’s Canadian-owned, Canadian-operated cloud infrastructure stands out from the crowd.