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Putting disaster recovery within your reach

In today’s always-on, always-connected, and work-from-anywhere world, an unscheduled downtime can be a headache. When disaster can strike at anytime, the stakes are high and business continuity is dependent on the quality and accuracy of the disaster recovery plan you have in place.

ThinkOn’s Virtual Replication powered by Veeam® is a disaster recovery as a service that demonstrates an easier way to secure your multi-tenant environment and recover using the next-generation instant recovery engine underpinned by Veeam Software, a leader in Data Centre Backup and Recovery solutions. 

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Ensuring business continuity for the future

Veeam’s image-based virtual Disaster Recovery combined with ThinkOn’s service delivery infrastructure is battle-tested and always on solution. With a proven track record and specialization in cloud data management and services, both Veeam and ThinkOn, together help you realize a wide range of benefits by addressing every use-case that can be a potential barrier to your success.

Veeam Certified Professionals

As a Veeam Accredited Service Partner with Platinum Service Provider status, ThinkOn’s provisioning team of Veeam certified professionals are partners you can trust.

Test, Verify and Recover on Your Terms

Automatically test and verify VM replicas for recoverability with granular recovery options and ThinkOn’s support at any time as per your needs.

Reduce Operational Overhead

You pay for what you use and can leverage our expertise and flexibility to support your recovery objectives in an increasingly distributed world.

Incomparable Performance Speeds

Experience faster, reliable and secure recovery with built-in WAN acceleration support and additional seeding options of large data volumes in our infrastructure.

Avoid downtime and improve RTOs

Partner with ThinkOn to take advantage of our deep expertise with business continuity planning and DRaaS (disaster recovery as a service) to replicate critical information systems. 

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How It Works

Here’s the step-by-step process for our recipe to replication:

  • A user is given a hardware plan with a set amount of storage and processing power by ThinkOn. A replication job is then created by the customer and pointed to the second site with ThinkOn.
  • Veeam sends replication management traffic, VM data transfers and inter-VM communications over a single TCP port protected by SSL/TLS to ThinkOn s infrastructure. There is no need maintain VPN connections, or multiple firewall ports.  
  • Veeam populates the ThinkOn site with the details of the replication job created by the customer. Veeam negotiates all replication traffic and network configurations. This acts as a standby until needed during a disaster.
  • VMware vCloud Director integration allows for seamless orchestration of failovers and greater ease of connection for auxiliary appliances and resources. vCloud Director also allows for an allocation of reserve compute resources available for usage at the time of disaster or testing.
  • All replicated data can be stored on ThinkOn’s 3 Tiers of Block Storage. 
  • At the time of disaster, a customer can initiate a failover from a web portal and Veeam will resume services from ThinkOn s site. When active, customer is charged per hour for consumed compute resources.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Regardless of the event, every organization must be prepared for the short-term and long-term negative business exposure. With ThinkOn, business continuity is an ongoing priority and a comprehensive business continuity plan is a part of our service level agreement and brand promise. 

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