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Protect Your Data As A National Asset

Does your hyperscaler cloud provider properly handle data residency and jurisdiction? If your data does not comply to

national and international jurisdiction laws within Canada—where it’s actually gathered and stored—this can cause

major control and governance issues.

A truly sovereign cloud platform must manage for your data:

  • Sovereignty and jurisdictional control
  • Access and integrity
  • Security and compliance
  • Independence and mobility

A Tailored Cloud Solution from ThinkOn

ThinkOn offers a sovereign cloud platform, powered by VMware, that’s designed to meet the stringent security and regulatory requirements of your business-critical systems. Working with our sovereign cloud can help you:

  • Increase security
  • Maintain compliance
  • Unlock data potential
  • Future-proof your business
  • Fuel economic innovation

Why ThinkOn’s VMware-Powered Sovereign Cloud

We deliver secure, flexible, cost-effective cloud that supports digital transformation and regulatory compliance for businesses. The VMware architecture provides a consistent performance across the edge, on-premises, private cloud, and sovereign cloud.

Buy What You Need

Only pay for what you need with completely flexible cloud compute at your fingertips.

Greater Elasticity

Provision new resources in minutes and handle peaks and seasonality with ease.

More Control

Control your cloud experience with storage policies, firewall polices and more.

Managed or Self-Service

Get self-service disaster recovery, migration, backup services and more.


Consistent VMware architecture enables workload portability and mobility between clouds and data centers.

Modernize Apps

Modernize apps further with containerization and Kubernetes services.

Choice of Storage

Robust, flexible storage options to meet different demands.


  Download the infographic