By thinkon


Through a multi-year collaboration with Lorica Cybersecurity, ThinkOn is extending its leadership position in cloud data security and privacy-enhancing computation 


Toronto, Ontario, Canada – July 19, 2022Think On, Inc. the only 100% Canadian owned cloud service provider allowed to host sensitive information for the Government of Canada, announces a technology partnership with Lorica Cybersecurity to bring next-generation encrypted data analytics solutions to the ThinkOn cloud computing platform.  This partnership is intended to deliver cutting-edge solutions aligned with ThinkOn’s commitment to privacy, security, and data sovereignty in the cloud. 


With data and digital assets coming under ever-greater threat, enterprises are seeking solutions to further protect sensitive data and eliminate the risk of data exposure in the event of a data breach.  Over the coming months, Lorica Cybersecurity’s cloud-native and quantum-resistant solution based on patented high-performance fully homomorphic encryption (HP-FHE) technology will be made available to ThinkOn partners and end subscribers through the ThinkOn cloud computing platform.   


“As a leading provider of cloud services to public and private sector enterprises, ThinkOn is committed to providing proven data security and privacy solutions,” said Craig McLellan, Founder and CEO, ThinkOn. “This partnership represents a unique opportunity for us to provide truly cutting-edge secure data archiving and analytics technology solutions to our partners and customers.  We look forward to continued collaboration with the outstanding team at Lorica Cybersecurity” 


“We are absolutely thrilled to be partnering with ThinkOn, a leading Canadian cloud services provider with a global business footprint,” said Glenn Gulak, Co-Founder and CEO, Lorica Cybersecurity.  “Our patented and highly-optimized encrypted data analytics solutions will provide unmatched data protection and market-leading performance for enterprises on the ThinkOn cloud.”   


About Think On, Inc. 

Think On, Inc. is a proudly Canadian-owned and operated cloud service provider (CSP) with a global data centre footprint. ThinkOn is a Canadian VMware Sovereign Cloud partner. ThinkOn helps the Canadian government leverage domestic infrastructure technology to deploy sensitive workloads and run digital solutions in the cloud.  Providing comprehensive cloud solutions that meet strict compliance, sovereignty and security requirements. ThinkOn enables the Government to operate with increased agility and address complex security controls that are key to deliver a quality user experience for the public sector and the Canadians they serve. Consider them your dedicated department of data-obsessed experts. They will protect your data like their own, making it more resilient, secure, actionable, and searchable. ThinkOn works with a trusted ecosystem of top technology partners to provide cost-effective Infrastructure-as-a-Service solutions and data management services with predictable pricing and no hidden fees.  

About Lorica Cybersecurity Inc. 

Lorica Cybersecurity has developed quantum-resistant cloud data security and privacy solutions that eliminate the risk of data exposure leveraging cutting-edge high-performance fully homomorphic encryption (HP-FHE).  Working discreetly with customers in the financial, telecommunications, government and national security sectors, Lorica protects some of the most sensitive data and valuable proprietary information in the world.  Headquartered in Toronto, Lorica enables customers to have confidence working with their proprietary data and digital assets in the cloud – both now and well into the future.