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Backups Are Not Secure from Ransomware – RansomGuard Is

Simply put, ThinkOn RansomGuard keeps your Veeam Cloud Connect backups safe from any malware or ransomware infection by acting as an immutable copy of your backups. It is built with air-gap technology that matches the length of your Veeam Cloud Connect Backup chain and is only accessible by a ThinkOn expert.

This solution is an add-on to on the existing Veeam ransomware protection feature set. At no additional cost, you get double the storage of Veeam Cloud Connect backup plus the assurance that even if your backups are attacked by ransomware, you can recover those from a carbon copy of those backups which the ransomware won’t have access to at any cost!

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Ransomware can cost $133K to a business.
Are you prepared?

As multi-cloud strategies are on the rise, so are the vulnerabilities to malicious cyberattacks. ThinkOn has a “better-safe-than-sorry” preparedness approach to such unforeseen risks and ensure that your data resides on an extra resilient cloud infrastructure.

Highly Secure

Additional air-gapped repository that is nearly impossible to compromise by matching the size of your backup chain at any time.

Retention Lock

All you can see is your original storage ensuring that all your virtualized workloads are saved as a mirror copy and cannot be tampered with unless requested for a restore.


Automated provisioning with quote to cash support using our in-house business management portal or platform - Compass. You can get on-board in just 15 minutes!

Flexible Retention

Get unlimited virtual machines and pay per TB of storage required. If you purchase on-premise licenses from ThinkOn, you get Veeam Cloud Connect licenses for free!

How does RansomGuard with Veeam Cloud Connect work?

  • Configure your Veeam server

    The Veeam server at the subscriber premises is configured to upload backup copy jobs to ThinkOn via Veeam Cloud Connect

  • Establish connection

    Connection is established over the internet. To seed larger backups, a ThinkOn Migration Appliance can be used via EdgeConnect.

  • Turn on RansomGuard

    Double your storage to match your backup chain length and make the switch to RansomGuard within minutes from our cloud console with the help of a simple toggle button. RansomGuard keeps an air-gap repository for old backup chains.

  • Data directed to Veeam storage

    Veeam Cloud Connect data is stored on Tier II storage. Subscribers are also able to use Capacity Tier to archive old backups to Object Storage. RansomGuard data is stored in a separate repository.

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Complete air-gapped data protection within minutes

Quick Setup

Can't wait to use our service? No problem. Sign up for a free 30-day trial and worry about the details later.

Simple Veeam Cloud Connect Pricing

We make your bill simple: the number of virtual machines plus storage in a monthly invoice. No additional costs or setup fees.

Veeam Expertise

Our provisioning team is made up of Veeam certified engineers and Veeam certified professionals. The team strictly adheres to the Veeam best practices to ensure backups are protected from Ransomware.

Faster Transfer Speeds

Our Veeam repositories allow for WAN Acceleration. This means your backup jobs will be uploaded quickly and hassle-free.

Veeam Platinum Partner

As a Veeam accredited cloud provider, ThinkOn assures that our service levels and infrastructure follow Veeam’s best practices and supports the seamless integration and provisioning for all latest Veeam technology.

ThinkOn is Always On

Whether it is data replication across multiple data centers, our unique scale-out approach or our 99.99% availability, we pride ourselves on being there when you need us.

Ransomware-proof your backups

Ransomware is every company’s nightmare. Don’t let it get ahead of your data protection strategy. Take a step ahead of the smart ransomware attacks out there waiting to infect your backups to prevent recovery with RansomGuard powered by Veeam Cloud Connect.

Keep your enterprise and customer’s backups safe and available at all times with the right mitigation plan.

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