By thinkon

Rarified Air, on VMware

From the beginning, ThinkOn has had a strong foundation of VMware technology underpinning our infrastructure. We are proud to announce that we are now among only 3 VMware Cloud Verified providers in Canada.

This means that you have easy access to the full set of interoperable VMware Cloud Infrastructure capabilities. Here’s what this means for you:

  • Integration and interoperability: Deploy core compute, storage, and network building blocks enabling freedom and flexibility to run your apps where you want, in the cloud or your data center.
  • Flexibility: Choose from a limited variety of VMware Cloud Verified partner services worldwide supporting various vertical markets and compliance certifications and delivering services capabilities to meet individual customer requirements.
  • Cost optimization: Leverage your IT team’s existing skill sets and lower your TCO with consistent operations and infrastructure from your data center to the cloud.

The VMware Cloud is an incredibly robust and reliable system that enables transformation on a massive scale. VMware services are built in mind for a multi-cloud, multi-device world, while enabling consistent operations that reduce cost and risk.

  • Optimize your investments: Get more out of your data centers and staff by leveraging VMware Cloud Infrastructure. Our infrastructure helps increase efficiency while introducing fast, flexible and automated private cloud capabilities.
  • Leverage public cloud resources: Deploy VMware Cloud Infrastructure to achieve scale, agility and cost savings through infrastructure and management interoperability.
  • Build next-generation app platforms: Use VMware Cloud solutions to enable new PaaS environments, containers, and services without sacrificing enterprise capabilities and governance.
  • Deliver a new portfolio of applications: Be ready to meet tomorrow’s business needs by using VMware Cloud to deliver SaaS applications easily and securely.

Our team consists of VMware certified professionals and engineers that have extensive real world experience and up to date training. With ThinkOn you can trust that all best practices are adhered to for maximum robustness and reliability