By thinkon

Hitachi’s Global Customer Advocacy team has published a new customer case study with a Canadian customer, ThinkOn and its use of Hitachi Content Platform. Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) is a cloud object platform that enables companies to store, share, sync, protect and retrieve file data from a single system.

“In a world where data is becoming increasingly complex, it shouldn’t be surprising that simplicity is more valuable than ever. For ThinkOn, making data storage and management simple yet powerful is the cornerstone of its business” – ThinkOn CEO, Craig McLellan

Outlined in the following article is a breakdown of ThinkOn’s HCP service offered and how it can help customers tackle the challenge of harnessing soaring volumes of unstructured data through a pay-as-you-go solution. Finally, the case study also entails how Hitachi services tie into ThinkOn’s cloud infrastructure to create a seamless way to back up and protect companies’ critical data.

ThinkOn – Where Data Thrives!

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