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Scaling storage is not disruptive anymore

ThinkOn’s S3-compatible object storage options provide you the ability to store or archive unstructured data across a wide range of disparate secure global facilities. Experience flexibility and simplicity of the cloud by incorporating enterprise-ready object storage in your data centre. 

Simplify your management costs and total cost of ownership and address the cloud capacity challenges anywhere you need with complete cloud connectivity be it on-premises, private cloud, hybrid cloud, or a multi-cloud environment.

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Unstructured data makes up 80% of the data worldwide. Address your capacity challenges to take data-informed decisions today.

Data is growing more than ever, year over year in massive amounts. This poses the risk of scalability and missed opportunity to uncover insights from this data that can be of immense value to your business. Eliminate the issues associated with poor data management with ThinkOn’s Object Storage solutions:

Exceptional Durability

Grow your capacity with exceptional tolerance to equipment failure with a storage that is designed to automatically fix any data loss. Data is 99.9999% available.

Top-Notch Technology

Take advantage of cost-effective and resilient object storage powered by global industry leaders like Dell, Hitachi, Cloudian and more to meet your business needs and SLAs.

Data Security

Archive and secure your data with strong client-side encryption, SSL-encrypted transit, native PCI compliance and multiple control access mechanisms for full traceability and auditability.

Full S3 Compatibility

Leverage your existing software investments with this S3-compatible solution for seamless interaction between your applications and the storage tier.

Reshape your storage strategy

With data, you need to think BIG and this is possible with a fundamentally new way of archiving your data. Access capacity with object storage when you need it, wherever you need it and open doors to new ways to flex with your business demands. 

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Automate and optimize data retention with powerful object storage

Object storage provides a simple web services-oriented interface that you can use to store and retrieve any amount of data, at any time, using any application that supports a RESTful API or the Hadoop file system (HDFS).  It is designed to be highly flexible, which means you can:

  • Use it as an ideal target for data protection systems such as Veeam, Commvault, Rubrik and Veritas
  • Store, collaborate, sync and share any type and amount of data that you want from anywhere as per access requirements
  • Consolidate multiple data silos with all data in one media where all security and retention policies can be applied
  • Read the same piece of data a million times or only for emergency disaster recovery
  • Decommission your legacy data storage infrastructure and re-purpose the resources with easy migration and automated storage management lifecycle process
  • Monetize on the insights generated from this storage for big data analytics and artificial intelligence

In every case, this solution enables any organization to leverage massive scale with no up-front capital investment or performance compromises.

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