By IDC Canada

IT security and resilience has been identified at all levels of Canadian organizations as a top priority for 2022 and beyond. Canadian organizations believe they are underinvested by almost 25% in cyber resilience, and there are a variety of reasons for that: They cannot find enough skilled resources in the security space, operational complexity is increasing faster than they can keep up, and the proliferation of bad actors and powerful, easily accessible tools means they’re seeing more attacks than ever before.

Canadian organizations are migrating many enterprise workloads to public cloud services over the next two years, based on the need for availability, reliability, and flexibility. Application migration and modernization activities can help Canadian organizations both survive turbulent times and capture new share to grow their business. The choice of infrastructure deployment methodologies as well as planning and developing a road map toward a digital future can determine the success or failure of these initiatives. A trusted partner can fill the skills gaps in your organization and ensure that the cloud is a platform for innovation and a way to improve business outcomes.

ThinkOn is a Canadian–owned and operated cloud solution provider (CSP) that works with a trusted ecosystem of top technology partners to provide simple, secure, resilient, and affordable infrastructure-as-a-service solutions and data management services. Our services fit together to create an economical, buildable outcome that makes sense for you and your bottom line. At ThinkOn, we tell you the cost upfront on an easy-to-read single-page quote. When the invoice comes, that’s the number you’ll see: no fine print, no escalating cloud allocation usage charges, no hidden fees — ingress, egress, or otherwise.

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