Oct 5, 2022 | Blogs, News, Resources

CIO Review: ThinkOn Named Canada Cloud 2022 Top Solutions Provider

The adoption of multi-cloud and hybrid cloud strategies among businesses is on the rise. The motivation for cloud adoption today is not just saving money and having a more robust infrastructure but also holistically enhancing the adaptability and agility of organizations. But some organizations that are still in the early phases of shifting their on-premises workload to the cloud are focusing only on saving money on computing and storage. Such a narrow vision often hinders businesses from achieving the true ROI of the cloud as it excludes other critical aspects such as automation of IT processes as well as the implementation and utilization of cloud-native technologies and marketplaces.

Helping such businesses realize the true benefit of cloud migration and increase their ROI is ThinkOn—a Canadian cloud service provider of storage, compute, and networking resources. ThinkOn works with best in class technology vendor partners to build secure, fast, and scalable solutions for enterprise application hosting, cloud data management, big data analytics, and flexible disaster recovery-as-a-service.

Read the full CIO review article here: ThinkOn: Simplifying the SMBs journey to the Cloud.

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