Making Life Easier For Canadian CTO's

Bringing Infrastructure as a Service to Canadian Organizations.

Accelerate IT with rapid provisioning and scaling. Create your own virtual data centre

and easily assign compute, storage, and network resources as you need them.  Drag and drop pre-configured servers, firewalls, and data stores from our service catalog.  Or use your existing software licenses and optimize your configuration directly.  Infrastructure-As-A-Service (IaaS) has never been easier.

Avoid Disasters with “Always On” architecture, multiple Canadian locations, and Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS).  Achieve 100% availability for mission critical apps, backed with a solid SLA. Or get started by safeguarding internal server data in a secure, local, offsite location.  Find Out More

Reduce Infrastructure Costs by paying only for resources (compute, storage, and network)
– not a set number of servers - and only when you need them.  By moving to virtualized resource allocations, your team can dynamically assign resources to applications on demand. 
This means you can align resources to business needs without the guesswork and delays of
a traditional server model.  The result?  Better utilization, fewer stranded assets, and faster provisioning.  

Avoid Legal and PR Issues
that may arise when outsourcing to foreign cloud providers.  

US courts continue to assert legal jurisdiction over the activities of Canadian organizations that interact with US-based servers while in Canada.  The simplest way to protect your organization and its data from overseas legislation (including the Patriot Act) is to maintain sovereignty by choosing a cloud provider in Canada.

Get Fast, Local Performance from our multiple locations across Canada.  Our close proximity means we can deliver cloud-based services with minimal latency and performance delays.   Multiple locations are integral to our “Always On” architecture and enterprise-grade SLA.   

Keep Control with enterprise security features for private, public, and intersite networking. Rapidly deploy new environments and network configurations that are preconfigured with highly secure firewall services, or design your preferred architecture with flexible integration options.  Our core architecture and virtualisation technology ensure that every organization operates independently in a true multi-tenant, multi-location architecture.