ThinkOn Recovery

The truth is that most disasters are avoidable.  63% of disasters are "clinical", including system failures, social engineering, malicious activity, and human error.  Only 27% of disasters are caused by fire, flood, weather, and earthquakes. What's more, customers and users are much more understanding of outages during natural disasters than during clinical disasters that only impact a single company.  

We've designed ThinkOn Recovery as a turnkey service offering to help reduce operational risk, avoid outages, and safeguard your data.  While we can't eliminate all disasters, we can eliminate the classic error of untested recovery scenarios.  

Here's what you can expect from ThinkOn Recovery:  


Bring your existing backup technology to the cloud.  We are vendor-neutral and our cloud infrastructure is compatible with leading backup vendors.  If you haven't selected an effective technology already, then we can provide a turn-key solution.


Safeguard Your Data with affordable Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service, including support for large “at rest” data stores at all of our Canadian locations.  ThinkOn Recovery is ideal for enterprises with single data centres, whether they be self-managed or co-located.  Server images can be uploaded and stored in your private library, and then deployed to your virtual data centre in the event of a disaster for accelerated recovery.

Start Testing Recovery through our non-disruptive virtual recovery capabilities.  Using your virtual data centre, your team can test the recovery process by restoring server images into a temporary environment.  This testing activity reduces downtime and confusion in the event of a disaster.  You only pay for what use during the testing and recovery process.  

Thanks to our virtual data centre technology, DR has become a lot more affordable.  Find out how you can achieve fast recovery on mission critical apps through online backup, cloud replication, and virtual data centre services - get full pricing and details.


The convergence of Internet technologies, virtualization and large-scale data centers has created a powerful new way to deliver services, with many companies already putting clouds to work. Cloud computing can help increase agility, decrease costs and improve service delivery capabilities – and it can happen fast.”

- Deloitte

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not one bit simpler.”

- Albert Einstein