We are a wholesale provider of Storage, Compute and Networking resources

Where Data Belongs ®

In Canada

We are a wholesaler provider of Compute, Network, & Storage


Reduce cost by paying for only what is used instead of designing for peak periods. Build hybrid solutions that can leverage existing investments. Over 90% of existing backup products can write to our infrastructure.


Reduce your risk with integrated High Availability and recovery ready configurations. There is no single point of failure in our design. You can keep all your data in Canada.


This Virtual Data Centre model provides immediate capacity and access to image libraries. Leveraging cloud can dramatically accelerate recovery capabilities. You can test as often as you want. Whether production or D/R our infrastructure is designed to be "non-stop".

We succeed through our Partners

At ThinkOn, we know and live our core business: to deliver the best virtual data center service in Canada. We focus on that because it plays to our strengths. For everything else, we rely on partners.

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